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Stress Is Holding On For Dear Life

Sometimes life’s stresses hit so hard it can blast you out of the water – but only if you let it. Usually we see that truth in others easier than we do in our own lives.

“He was afraid to move. I could not tell if he was still alive. He held on for dear life.”

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you were afraid to let go of whatever dream or fantasy you held close to your heart?

Were you ever too afraid to let go lest it slip away forever?

“The wind blew furiously, as it usually does when you live on a ridge. On the rail of my deck a squirrel lay motionless. I hoped I would not have to deal with yet another dead animal on my property, especially on my deck. And I knew there would be no clear answer until the wind stopped or at least died down – which did not happen that night.

Much to my relief the squirrel no longer perched on the deck rail the next morning. No bodies in the yard. Just the usual scamper of little squirrel feet over my roof.

He had something to hold on to. That something got him through the stormy weather – the high winds, the thunder and lightning. He knew not to move. Frankly I am certain he would have been blown clear off the deck had to tried to scamper off.

As it was, he lay there absolutely still, hunkered down to allow the storm to blow literally over him.”

Sometimes you give up on your dreams. When the going gets tough and obstacles present themselves most people turn away from their dreams. The suppress them so deeply – eventually they completely give up on ever even attempting to fulfill on what may have been a lifelong desire or unfathomable urge to live or do something important.

Stress takes it toll – but only when you allow it to take over your life.

No one can take away your dreams. No one can force you to struggle through each day or keep you awake at night worrying and anxious about…

About what?

What prevents you from falling asleep at night? What theme occupies most of your daytime and definitely bedtime thoughts?

Do you feel adrift at sea in desperate need of a lifesaver? Only there is no one to throw it to you. In fact, as far as you can tell, there are no life savers out there – at least not for you.

If you decided to you could tread water until you make it safely ashore. Heck, when you decide you can make it through the blocks and forge onward to your dreams then you will hold tight. You will grab on to the log floating by. You will float down stream easily in the direction of your dreams.

Your tenacious grasp, your never giving in or giving up allows you to weather the storm.

You know, even in the darkest storm, the sun shines. All you have to do is rise above the clouds to see it!

Core Values: Priorities and Directions of Core Values

Core Values create your world. You live according to the beliefs and perform only the behaviors that align with your core values. Well, you live in happiness and find success when you do. However you fail to find either happiness or success when you fail to live in alignment with what you, in your core, believe is right.

If you have never done so create a list of your core values. Now rearrange the list in order of importance to you with the value you find most important listed first.

Done? Excellent. (If you think you will do this later then you have a value saying procrastination and incompletion of tasks works for you.) We both know the likelihood of you coming back to make your list later is slim to none. So take a few minutes to make it now. Remember to prioritize your values.

How did you determine the order of your priorities? Even more to the point, how did you discover your core values?

Those deep beliefs, alive and well in your subconscious mind, run your life. The thing is, some of what you think defines your most important values really do not meet that definition at all.

What am I talking about?

Core values move you forward toward your Very Excellent Life. Sometimes you think your behaviors protect you from what you do not want rather than forward you along your happiness path.

For most of my life I consistently rated honesty as my top core value. I could not tolerate anyone or anything dishonest. I used to ask my mom to go out and walk the dog rather than answer it and tell someone she was not home when she actually was. (That is how powerful my core value of honesty was for me – or so I thought.)

When I learned the true definition of core values then I found that honesty was so important because of all the dishonest people and experiences running scattered across my life. I was moving away from (avoiding) any new experiences with dishonesty.

Honesty remains on my list now but for different reasons. And it no longer holds the primo spot.

Okay. Got it?

Now go through your list of core values and note which move you forward toward your dream life and which serve to move you away from what you do not want.

Happiness happens when you move toward what you want rather than away from what you do not want.

Happiness is No BS

What are your belief systems? You created them without awareness so you may not even know what they are. Yet they run your entire life. Take 3 minutes to discover how to change what keeps you stuck.

THEN leave a comment telling me what action you are going to take, or even your own belief systems feelings about what you just saw and heard. After reading your comment I will send you details on how to get a FREE 30 minute life changing strategy session with me to create your happiness NOW.