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Change From the Outside In–Yes, You Can

Amy Cuddy’s expertise lies in teaching people how to affect change, not starting within, as most people teach, but starting by acting as if and becoming who you create yourself to be–in two minute pops!
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Jump In

Starting today, starting NOW, do things differently than you did yesterday and you will avoid the same old stuck habits and ho hum life you now live.

Instead of planning every little thing be more spontaneous. Ask the Universe to deliver what you want, You don’t need to know how to get it. Just trust it will come at the right moment in the perfect form–if, and only if, it is in your highet and best interest.

Go after what you want to live your dreams.

Are You Ready For Change?

Most people pay a great of attention and lip service to their thoughts about wanting to change. Almost everyone wants to change something about themselves or their lives.

Fact is most people say they want to change but really have no deep desire or any intention to do what it takes to change.

Change only happens when you are ready not when you say you are ready or think you are ready or want to be ready.

Change takes making a commitment to yourself. Unfortunately most people experience greater stress keeping promises they make to themselves than they do with promises they make to others.

Fact is most people break the promises they make to themselves. What do you think goes on in your subconscious mind when you continue to break promises you make to yourself?

Until you are truly ready to change and commit yourself to doing what you need to do to make change happen stop telling yourself and others you want to change. At least you will stop feeding the opposing force in your subconscious mind.