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angry woman shouting

Forgive when you don't want to. It is the right thing to do, right? For whom? It sure doesn't feel right to you when you feel angry or hurt, yes?

Why should I forgive? You don't know what happened to me!


How To Heal Anything

In each moment you choose to thrive, regardless of circumstances, or struggle. Struggle is optional even when horrific events occur.
Thriving after two Traumatic Brain Injuries changed my body and my mind, I can attest to the fact that you can heal anything.
Ah, but you have to know that healing means accepting yourself yourself as you are now – limitations and altered functioning, changed lifestyle and all. Healing is not about returning to how yo used to be.
Know that everything happens perfectly. When your life experience leaves you in a situation you never even imagine could happen to you, realize this seeming crisis may well be the first step in a new direction for your success in life.
Look at each crisis for the opportunity it is. Do you know the Japanese language has only one word that means both crisis and opportunity?

Do you see the gift here?

Injuries and illness, life circumstances and relationships – all of them change for everybody. How you look at the change and whether you choose to move into this new definition of your world or you choose to fight what is happening determines your level of happiness, health and success in life.

Living LIfe is LIke Framing a Picture

framed photoOne night a sudden crash and the sound of broking glass jolted me out of my concentration. I couldn’t imagine what that awful noise could be. Truthfully, I was afraid to find out.

With great trepidation I quietly maneuvered through my house. Phew! I discovered the frame on one of my framed photos fell apart allowing the glass to fall to the floor. Not so interesting, huh?

Ah, but what happened next…

In the course of finding a new frame for this magnificent photograph by my talented friend Keith Couch, I realized how critically the choice of frame and mat (or no mat) are to whether the picture looks fabulous or not really so great at all.

Yes. The mat and the frame matter in how attractive the picture appears to others.

Have you ever gone to a frame shop and spent a LONG time choosing first the mat (its style, shape and color) that complimented the photo or painting and then the frame that worked with both the piece of art and the mat?

Not so easy, is it?

This morning it occurred to me how much life is like framing a picture. You see, the way you feel before an event greatly influences how you view and experience that event.

Let me give you an example.

Many people complain that affirmations don’t work. Let’s look at a major factor that causes a consciously spoken affirmation to either work or not work.

The state of your mind, body and spirit, at the time you speak the affirmation, powerfully impacts whether or not you will manifest your desire. If you are in a great mood vibrating at a high frequency when you put out your request, then you will more easily attract the good you want which also vibrates in harmony with your high frequency.

On the other hand, if you are in a cruddy or even a ho hum mood and state your affirmation then you cannot possibly attract your desire. Remember, you only attract things vibrating in harmony with your own frequency.

Your vibration reflects how you feel more so than your exact thoughts do. It isn’t the words of your affirmation as much as the feeling you experience speaking them that makes the difference.

Make sense?

When you stop and pay attention, you can see how you actually frame everything going on in your daily life with your mood and perspective at the time you experience the meeting, the phone call, the email, the visit, the game, etc.

What if you set an intention for a wonderful or helpful outcome before you do anything? What if you put yourself in a great mood before tackling the dreaded task?

You cannot experience two different emotions simultaneously. You cannot feel both happy and sad in the same moment. Why would you choose sad or angry or frustrated or bad when you can choose to feel happy?

Put a happy frame around all you do before you do it and watch your world change instantly. Besides you get the immediate added bonus of feeling great!

Change From the Outside In–Yes, You Can

Amy Cuddy’s expertise lies in teaching people how to affect change, not starting within, as most people teach, but starting by acting as if and becoming who you create yourself to be–in two minute pops!
Click SHARE to and LIkE to let everyone you know get happier. After all, when you are happy and they are happy too, how much more wonderful can your life become?

Creating Your Reality: How To Watch Your Self Create Your Reality Now

You create your reality. This method allows you to witness your own mind creating your reality in this moment.

I teach a series of classes that I call “Experiencing the Invisible.” Participants get to experience how their thoughts create their reality and impact the reality of others in each moment – right then and there.

One of the devices I created to allow that live experience is a set of dousing rods made from hangars. (You do not need high tech toys to teach and learn how to control your thoughts and create your reality.)

Essentially, here is the exercise. Do it the first time with your eyes closed and then again with your eyes open.

Hold each rod loosely in your hands so they turn easily and move freely. Choose three different objects in different areas of the room: one item on your left, one straight ahead in the middle and one to your right.

Next, without moving the rods with your hands, use only your mind to cause the rods to point to one of those three targets. After a few moments the rods will move – maybe.

How you run your head and the degree to which you consciously control your mind and thoughts show up in the movement or lack of movement of the rods.

Your goal is for the rods to move and point toward your target without you intentionally moving them in that direction by manipulating them with your hands.

I see very interesting results. Sometimes (rarely) the rods fail to move at all. Sometimes only one rod moves. Sometimes the rods go crazy and whirl round and round. (Which is exactly what happened to me the first time I picked up a set of rods – soon after a brain injury. Hmm. NO surprise there, is there?)

I recommend that people either buy some professionally made dousing rods (which tend to be rather long in length – not what I call convenient to carry around) or you can make your own by cutting hangars and bending them to 90 degrees so you wind up with a device that points in specific directions.

Practice that routine, causing the rods to point toward specific objects, every day. The goal is to know and understand exactly how you create your physical world.

With practice you can make significant life changes. After all, your thoughts create your reality. When you control your thoughts in your awareness you create your reality the way you really want it to look.

People use one of two strategies to cause the rods to move toward the target. Some people focus on the target item. All they “see” in their mind’s eye is that target. Other people focus on causing the rods to “move left” or “move right.”

In life, some people focus on the end result, always keeping it in mind while others believe in short term victories and stride to achieve lots of small goals.

The difference in the two styles? The first one is knowing your what and allowing the Universe to provide the how. The second method is doing the what.

Hmm. Which method do you think is more powerful: leaving the “how” part to the Universe or choosing the how yourself?

When you do the how you limit what the Universe can deliver to you.

Would you focus on the scene or focus on moving the rods left, right, or straight ahead.

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