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Happiness is Feeling Appreciated

One of the most basic needs all people share is that of feeling appreciated. Hearing the words, “Thank you,” mean very little. After all, when you think about it most parents taught their kids to say thank you with a push like, “What do you say to Aunt Jane for the new book?”

Seriously, did that thank you mean anything to you? Not only did it lack meaning but perhaps you even felt a bit embarrassed and resentful that your mom made you say it. Am I right?

Today, as an adult, those words feel empty and automatic with no genuine care behind them. You can tell someone truly appreciates what you did vs. the polite and expected response.

Appreciation goes way beyond those often empty words. When someone is ever so grateful that you did something for them they let you know. They shower you with praise and gratitude, yes?

How do you feel when someone truly notices and thanks you for your effort because it really meant a lot to them? You feel so good inside that you want to do more, don’t you? You feel like you can’t wait to find another task they need done.

Why do you feel like doing even more? Doesn’t that mean more work for you?

The bottom line is that every person needs the psychic income of knowing that what they do makes a difference to someone or something. Every individual has a genuine human need to know that his presence, his existence, matters.

People need to know they are valuable and others recognize, respect, and honor their value.

Most people think that monetary income is the be-all end-all in their lives. They erroneously believe that chasing the all mighty dollar will fulfill their deepest desires for accomplishment, for love, for happiness.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Money will never buy anything that has true worth because the highest valued things are not tangible items you can hold or material objects you can buy.

The things that matter most to people and really allowing them to live in happiness are the intangibles like self confidence, self love, improving the lives of others and the well being of the planet.

Most people recognize that happiness comes from within oneself and never from any outside source. They live in the knowledge that psychic income far outweighs monetary gain.

I do not mean to say money has no value in a person’s life. Of course one needs it to exist and quite frankly, the more money you have the better. But only psychic income allows people to know and live in success, wealth and happiness.

You can’t buy happiness. Those words are not a platitude. That statement is fact. You create your happiness by doing things that make you happy.

How You Create Your Life

You hear it all the time – you create your life. Everyone says you do it with your thoughts and emotions.

Okay. So how does what you think and feel make your reality manifest?

Your Spirit (Higher Self, Soul) is that eternal part of you that lives outside your body. It is part of the All-Is-One, God, Source, Universe – whatever term you prefer.

When you make a request it creates the synchronistic events that provide the opportunity to manifest what you desire. It does all the how to fulfill your what!

Ah – but you have to take the action to realize it,

Got it?

You See What You Expect To See

Events just happen. They have no meaning in and of themselves. The only meaning an event has is the one you give it.

Happy people assign positive meanings to events. When something unpleasant happens they look for the good in the situation—even in the worst situations of all. Those people know that the bigger the tragedy, the bigger the lesson and the bigger the growth.

Unhappy people interpret most events in a negative manner. They see the bad side of most things. They fail to recognize their responsibility in how their world looks, and how their life flows (or doesn’t). They blame people and circumstances when they feel unhappy.

People who choose to see the negative side of everything limit what they can be and do in life. They vibrate at lower frequencies and therefore block themselves from getting the things they say they want—most of which vibrate at a higher faster frequency than they do.

The good news is, even negative people can change—when they choose to do so. Change happens instantly. What can take a lifetime is getting ready to change.

Create YOUR Reality For Yourself

This is Your LIfe

This is your life–not your parents’ life, not your spouse’s, not your kids’ not even your best friend’s life. So who are you going to listen to when to determine how you want to live your life every day?

How about in the big picture?
What is your final destination? How will you get there?

Make your own choices. No one else will ever know the best path for you in YOUR life.

Quantum Reality

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Put those two concepts together and you cannot refute the fact that our thoughts lead to our emotions that lead to the world, the reality we each create.

You know the question is the glass half full or half empty? That is how you run your head. Do you see the good side of life or the bad side?

Whichever you choose to see is the one you will see. Guaranteed.