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Happy Mother’s Day – Take a Moment to LOL

Only a Mom will really get these two videos. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy. Some people call Anita Renfroe today’s Erma Bombeck. Make today your day. I takes something special to get me to laugh ut loud LOL). this entertainer makes it happen.

Smiling? Now, real quick, watch this one:

Send a Mother’s Day Card on Me

Only a mother knows what it takes to be a mom. For me, as a stay-at-home mom raising two performing kids, life was exhausting, always about them and so filled with endless love.

Motherhood is the most challenging job on the planet with lousy pay, lousy hours – and priceless rewards. Definitely NOT  a job for the light-hearted or wimpy spirit. AND it is 24/7/365 for ever.

No matter how old your kids grow to be you will always be Mom – always.

Leave a comment and share your best memory of your mom and I will pay for the very beautiful Mother’s Day you get to send.

Parents, Beware of Expectations

Are you a parent? Grandparent? Know anyone with kids? Then you want to know…beware of expectations you see what you expect to see.

Pay attention to your expectations. Your child will be the person you expect him to be. Why? You see the behaviors that kind of person exhibits and you approve of them in some fashion. You send the message to your child that acting that way is a good thing.

You actually sort for those behaviors and miss signs of his being different from your expectations. Behaviors that are not reinforced gradually disappear.

By reinforced behaviors I mean noticed and responded to. Those behaviors may be something you like or they may be something you want to avoid and have not figured out how to eliminate as yet.

Whatever you focus on in your world will grow bigger. The way a small blemish feels like it has taken over your entire face, one small behavior can be blown out of proportion in your head. The more you pay attention to that undesirable thing the larger it looms.

Follow your instincts. If your child does something you do not want him to do then tell him that behavior is unacceptable. Let him know, clearly tell him, using “I” messages (more about that later), why you do not want him to repeat that behavior. Then move on to a different action leaving the first behind. Avoid focusing any more energy there.

When you expect appropriate behavior and have taught your child how to behave in different situations then you will see appropriate behaviors regardless of circumstances. Kids have instincts too. They want to make you happy. Like adults, they also want to feel accepted.

Many parents are afraid to discipline their kids. Those parents mistakenly believe their kids will not like them if they set out rules for them to follow. The fact is, rules show a child great love. In essence, rules tell your child, ”I love you so much I want you to stay safe. And I want you to act in ways that show you respect others so they will respect you.”

No one likes unruly kids. How does a kid become disruptive? How can a child know proper behavior unless an adult models it AND explains it? Parents who fear not being loved let their kids run amuck.

Learnmore about conscious parenting and raise Kids Who Can be, do and have anything they want in life.

Remembering My Mom

My mom was a celebration of all that is good in life. She modeled love and devotion in her daily living.

In a time when women stayed home with their kids my mom had to work to support my brother and me – and her mom too. My dad died when I was just eight so she had no choice. She did whatever she had to so we always had what we needed. And I knew not to ask for more.

Even though she worked 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, coming home for dinner then going back to close the office at night, when my mom was home she was with me. In fact my mom probably spent more time with me than the mothers of most of my friends who stayed home all day.

I never heard my mom say anything bad about anyone. She ran all three of her bosses businesses and kept the company afloat when the boss couldn’t make payroll. She was more than amazing.

Her beautiful voice still sings in my heart and in life. She played the piano and danced – like my daughter does today. My mom still fills my life. Everybody loved her.

Everybody knew Grandma Edie’s smiling face and warmth. Everybody.

Ten years ago today (on the Hebrew calendar) my Mom transitioned to the next plane. She makes sure I know she is still here when I, or my kids, need her. She come sin a very real very physical way so I cannot mistake the fact that she lives, not just in my heart but n a different dimension.

The soul is immortal.

I remember my Mom today though I do not live by the lunar Hebrew calendar. Being Jewish was important to her ad I honor her with today’s commemoration and the lighting of a special candle. For me, my Mm left on March 28. On that day I will share a song about the amazing special being I called Mom.

I really miss her. No matter how old you grow to be sometimes you just want your mom to hold you and  let you be a little dependent kid again.Everyone needs their Mom. Know what I mean?

Oreo -Back to Normal

Today Oreo is back to normal. I mean he is doing everything the way he used to. He looks good. He sounds great. He is back to doing what he knows he is not supposed to do too.

No words can express the deep gratitude I feel for all your love, Light, prayers and support. Just feel it coming from both of us.

Robert Frost once said, “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” I feel so blessed and hey, I’ve got a great sense in choosing my friends! What I figure is, since we attract who we are, I must be a pretty good friend to have you in my life. 🙂

Thank you too for disregarding the weird typos of the past week. When I get stressed remnants of the brain injury pop out. It still freaks me when I see those weirdnesses. Time to let go of that one too, huh? If you can figure out what I mean to say isn’t that all that matters?

I am no longer taking anything or anyone for granted. The past week with Oreo changing daily left me knowing this moment is all that matters. Funny ,I’ve written articles on that topic but just never understood it in the Light I do today. How blessed am I to be me living my life?