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Fun Takes Happiness To The Next Level

I thought living in happiness was great. Then I discovered fun and joy and laughing out loud. Find out more in this video. Leave a comment and tell me what you do for fun to really get yourself laughing out loud!

What Is VPD?

When I work with individuals, one of the first exercises we do is the Values-Priorities-Direction. Until you know your value system creating your future remains a futile task.

You need to know more than just your values. For that reason I developed the VPD. Without exception, every person with whom I have done this exercise experienced a major ah ha!

Watch for more information on the VPD and how you can learn how to do it to make sense of your world and create the life with which you can truly align yourself.

MInd Movies Change Lives When…

Change your life with your own personal mind movies–running subliminally on your computer. That added software is what made me a believer.

This really works–I know because I use it and recommend it. If reaching life goals–getting real healthy and fit, having that happy relationship, succeeding at your career–including staying home with your kids or parents– if you enevr made it happen than go here now.

For the cost of dinner out you can change your world–and then enjoy many more dinners out!

You only have until January 22 to get this at less than half price with $1000 if bonuses that make it work.

Your Personal Happiness Quotient

When I work with people on a 1:1 basis, I start them out looking at their values and priorities. Next step is formulating goals and affirmations that work ( as opposed to how most gurus teach them) using the Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ).
You then need a way to measure your happiness level so you can tell when you feel better and your life works more easily. To accomplish that end I developed the Personal Happiness Quotient (PHQ) which, basically, is a way to measure your level of happiness across your life.
Sometimes we fail to see our forward progress because it happens incrementally day by day. Others, who only see us occasionally notice the difference. When we can see that difference ourselves, without outside input then we create automatic motivation to propel us through each day.

Happiness is Making Every Day Great

Yesterday was completely extraordinary. It was not a special date to commemorate. It just went super! All kinds of great things happened in my personal and professional life.

I credit a new program I started using two day sago with speeding up my manifesting. If you have goals in any area of life–health, career, personal, relationships, etc–and you just have not been able to make them happen you want to go here now. Get the free audio and listen to it. Watch the free downloads they gift you.

Go now to finally change your life at hyper speed.