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Feel Happy Now

You can feel happy right now. More importantly, you can create the happiness habit. then you will not even have to think about how to be happy. You will be happy and do things that make you happy all on automatic.

Happiness Lies Within – Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness lies within. Yet most people look outside themselves to find happiness. They think things and people can bring them happiness.

Nothing, absolutely nothing outside of you will ever bring you happiness. It can’t.  Everything outside you is ephemeral–temporary.

I read an interesting post on Twitter yesterday,. The original statement was, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” The response was, “Are you kidding? Do you live in the US? Money can buy you a wave runner. Did you ever see anyone on a wave runner not smiling?”

I wonder what that responder does when not riding the wave runner that makes her happy. How about you?

If you look to someone or something outside yourself to make you feel happy then what happens when that someone or something cannot be with you? Duh.

Things and people come and go. The only one on whom you can depend your whole life long is you.

The fact is happiness lies within.

You do have folders deep in your subconscious mind for being happy. The problem is somewhere along the line you stopped fueling those folders and created new folders saying you are unhappy. And, following the general mood of society, you constantly fill those unhappy folders with evidence that life is crummy.

Whatever you focus on expands, quite literally, in those file folders. Think of each event that  you interpret as making you unhappy as a sheet of paper, a document that you put into your unhappy file folder.

The more you put in there the more that folder expands – until ultimately it bursts and you get sick or hurt.

Happiness lies within – not outside of you. You were born happy. Go within to find the happiness that still lives there–buried by years of frustration and inaccurate thinking.

Decide to make yourself happy. Draw on the documents of happiness from the happy folder. Feed that folder with new events that leave you feeling happy. As it grows your life will change dramatically into one of happiness.

Meditate or self-hypnotize and you will find your own answers within.

To your happiness!

No More Arguing

When you live in happiness you lose the need to argue or fight. How does that happen? When you feel good about yourself you also feel good about your world. In fact, you love yourself and you love others.

Living in happiness means seeing the good in everything and everyone. When you see the Divine Being in each person then you realize the connection, the All-Is-One on this planet. To feel anger toward another ultimately directs that feeling back at you. Why would you want to create that misery in your life?

Happiness Brings More Fun and Surprises

Lately I have been attracting more and more fun to my life. Even when thing happen that I wish hadn’t–like business errors –I find myself laughing out loud instead of freaking out. Consequently, the Universe has continuially provided me with more and more reasons to feel happy.

Yup, lots of nice fun surprises keep coming into my world.  I express gratitude for every little and big thing.

Nice, the way that works.

Happiness Grows on You

The other day I was thinking about something to be happy about for a Happy Share ( as we do in our Gatherings at The Learning Circle Spiritual Ministry I quickly realized I had so much great stuff going on last week I had to figure out which one to choose to share.

Sometimes we fail to recognize the wonderful things that happen in our lives on a daily basis because we somehow became conditioned to look for the bad. So the good slips by unless it is really big an we just about trip over it!

Take the time to celebrate every little thing in your life every day and your world will brighten to a magnitude beyond your imagination!