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Focus on Joy to Manifest Happiness – part 2

The more you think and therefore feel joy in your life, the easier it becomes to stay in those thoughts and produce that kind of energy. Your emotions and muscles wire together. In fact, neural networks form “tying” together joyful feelings with joyful thoughts. Your physical body will also assume certain postures that get wired into those Joy Networks.
Every time you think, feel or perform an action that triggers part of that network, guess what-the entire Joy Network kicks into action! Soon (for most people that period is about 28 days) joyful thinking replaces your old habits that left you feeling crummy at worst and ho hum at best.
Twenty-eight days. Hmm. is your well being worth making a concentrated effort for twenty-eight days? You see, you will not have to wait twenty-eight days for your world to look different or for good things to happen regularly. In fact, that shift will happen the very first day you apply attention to how you feel and shift into joy whenever you slip away from it.

Focus on Joy to Manifest Happiness part 1

Whatever you focus on expands. To feel joy think thoughts that let you feel joyful. Simple, yes? Ah, here comes the challenge-you cannot think joyous thoughts now and then during the day. You must think joyous thoughts most of the day to live in a joyful state.
You want to continue this new behavior until you establish the habit of feeling joyful. Yes, living in joy is a habit you can create. What is so good about habits? You do them without thinking. They become automatic–operating out of your awareness.
Think about learning to drive a car. You had to learn how to start the car, shift gears, use the brake and accelerator, etc. You focused your mind continually, monitoring every aspect of making that car move and stop safely. You paid attention at 100%–no cell phone conversation, etc.
In time your driving became automatic. Now you just get in, start the motor and off you go. You can talk with others (cell phones still pose safety questions for drivers) and eat and still drive safely, right?
The same holds true for creating a new behavior. First you repeat it over and over until it becomes a habit.

How To Live in Happiness: Pay Attention To Your Moods

How do you feel right now? Are you happy or glum? How does your world look?
Know that what you feel on the inside is what you’ll see in your world. Take a look at your world today. Is this how you want things to stay?

You can live the life you desire. You can have it all. It is up to you. What do you want to do? Go do it now!

Step up to the plate. Know you gotta take a swing if you want to hit the ball! You don’t need to connect every time—so long as you get up again after you fall.

Life takes work—which does not mean it is hard. Time and effort and following your heart will take you to your destination so long as you know where to start.

Where are you now in life? Where do you want to be? Knowing your start and end points is key. Otherwise how would know when you arrived?

What is your heart telling you? Listen carefully. To succeed you must align your work with your Life Purpose. If you come from your head and work just to make money then you will never succeed beyond the minimum. If you work in conflict with your Life Purpose you cannot possibly go with the flow. In fact, you will spend the entire time paddling furiously—against the current of life.

In your heart you know where you want to go. Your head is disconnect from your dramas. Pay attention to how you feel rather than to what you think.

When you take the time to analyze words you discover that logic often makes zero sense. So pay attention to how you feel. Your passions reveal where you want to go with your life. Your emotions tell you when you are on track (feeling good) and off-track (feeling bad, sad or angry).

Notice your outside world reflects how you feel. Make the connection now so you can make the changes you really want to make.

Happiness: How To Be Joyful part 2

This friend finds something to celebrate where I would not have seen it on my won. She is more than happy. She is excitedly happy in a feel good calm way.

Wow! How do I explain that one? My friend explained it to me so I could do it too and now I am sharing her secret with you. She told me to “feel into it.” That is it. The whole secret to living in joy—feel into it.
She taught me to stop thinking with my head and to think with my heart instead.
Think with my heart? Now that is a whole new way of being—and it feels really fine.

Take yourself out of your old way of thinking and see if this one fits for you. When you look at what you need to do and figure out today, turn off that thinning left brain analyzer? Tune into your right brain emotional center and feel into whatever the situation is. Just do it and you will understand what words cannot truly express.

I wish you joy in every new adventure—starting now.