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Prayer: How to Say Prayers that Work

Prayer is one of the most potent forces in existence. Unfortunately, most people misunderstand what a prayer is and how to say one. Then people wonder why their prayers seem to go unanswered

Prayer, as defined by Napoleon Hill over 100 years ago and first popularized in medicine by Larry Dossey, M.D. in 1994,  is one of the most potent forces in existence.

Discover the difference between asking for specific outcomes and being grateful for what is as it is and the knowledge that everything happens for your highest and best interest – everything.

Oreo update – the Miracle

Miracles do happen. My little guy is better. When he collapsed and the doctor wanted to keep him and do all kinds of tests I just didn’t think he would make it. Oreo was so weak for three days.

The technologies and the prayers, the blessings, the energy, the love and the Light all went to heal him. Of course he wanted to heal so he allowed it in.

I need to sit down and tell you why all this happened. I find the gift and the learning in every experience. Yup. I clearly see it, The synchronicity blows me away. And I will get to it sometime in the next few days.

I love you all who sent your brand of healing. Thanks for keeping both of us in your thoughts.

I said it before and it bears repeating…had I not been at the level of happiness where I live this week would have wiped me out emotionally and Oreo would not have stood a chance of healing. If you live at a level 9 then a problem at level 8 only temporarily derails you. But if you live at a level 3 you just may not recover.

We teach what we most want to learn (even if at a subconscious level). And so I teach how to live in happiness. And I know my style may not suit everyone so I recommend getting in on Natalie’s special gift, her 7 Secrets to Happiness Program. I could not have put together what she did for the price she is offering right now.

If you don’t go see and do you may spend your whole life wondering what might have been had you acted to move yourself into happiness.

Oreo today, Thursday

Are you sitting down?
Oreo awakened me today my pawing at me to feed him. Which means he was up on my bed and active.
when I didn’t open my eyes or get up he went down the ha; and started calling me. Yeah – talking to me loudly. Well, at his normal volume.

So I fed him and he ate normally.He said then you when I out the food down–normal for him.

Then he started doing all his old usual behaviors – walking around, sort of playing. He seems to be all better. Though I See in his iris there is much going on health-wise that I don’t know about or what to do–except keep loving him so much.
Now I am not going to make any assumptions I have seen people seem to get all well then suddenly leave.

I hold him when he is awake and stop what I am doing when he comes to me. Message there for all of us.

what I Know is…today, right now he seems to be doing great. And I still have his energy feed him set up. So now he is lying on all the energy and going to sleep.
Normal behavior. He is 20 years old.

Thank you for your love, Light and prayers. Please keep them coming. I feel better too. I had a really hard week and my body showed it. And I felt very held in Love and Light.

I love you. Thank you for caring. thank you for making the extra effort for us.