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Creating Your Reality: How To Watch Your Self Create Your Reality Now

You create your reality. This method allows you to witness your own mind creating your reality in this moment.

I teach a series of classes that I call “Experiencing the Invisible.” Participants get to experience how their thoughts create their reality and impact the reality of others in each moment – right then and there.

One of the devices I created to allow that live experience is a set of dousing rods made from hangars. (You do not need high tech toys to teach and learn how to control your thoughts and create your reality.)

Essentially, here is the exercise. Do it the first time with your eyes closed and then again with your eyes open.

Hold each rod loosely in your hands so they turn easily and move freely. Choose three different objects in different areas of the room: one item on your left, one straight ahead in the middle and one to your right.

Next, without moving the rods with your hands, use only your mind to cause the rods to point to one of those three targets. After a few moments the rods will move – maybe.

How you run your head and the degree to which you consciously control your mind and thoughts show up in the movement or lack of movement of the rods.

Your goal is for the rods to move and point toward your target without you intentionally moving them in that direction by manipulating them with your hands.

I see very interesting results. Sometimes (rarely) the rods fail to move at all. Sometimes only one rod moves. Sometimes the rods go crazy and whirl round and round. (Which is exactly what happened to me the first time I picked up a set of rods – soon after a brain injury. Hmm. NO surprise there, is there?)

I recommend that people either buy some professionally made dousing rods (which tend to be rather long in length – not what I call convenient to carry around) or you can make your own by cutting hangars and bending them to 90 degrees so you wind up with a device that points in specific directions.

Practice that routine, causing the rods to point toward specific objects, every day. The goal is to know and understand exactly how you create your physical world.

With practice you can make significant life changes. After all, your thoughts create your reality. When you control your thoughts in your awareness you create your reality the way you really want it to look.

People use one of two strategies to cause the rods to move toward the target. Some people focus on the target item. All they “see” in their mind’s eye is that target. Other people focus on causing the rods to “move left” or “move right.”

In life, some people focus on the end result, always keeping it in mind while others believe in short term victories and stride to achieve lots of small goals.

The difference in the two styles? The first one is knowing your what and allowing the Universe to provide the how. The second method is doing the what.

Hmm. Which method do you think is more powerful: leaving the “how” part to the Universe or choosing the how yourself?

When you do the how you limit what the Universe can deliver to you.

Would you focus on the scene or focus on moving the rods left, right, or straight ahead.

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