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Happiness: Love Where You Live To Feel Happy

To feel happy in life love where you live. Your views, home, neighbors all contribute to your daily mood and well-being – or the lack thereof.

I live in farm country. I am blessed with views of fields of grain, alfalfa, sugar beets, wheat and hay. Today I got to see something you hear about, and talk about and even sing about yet most of us never actually experience it.

I live on a ridge and the wind blows almost non-stop. The farmer’s fields, across the street, are level but open. So the wind that bows across the area sweeps across his fields.

The joyful, peaceful and fun view I now see is waving hay. The grass is waist high on the man who maintains the fields which means when the wind sweeps across the fields it moves in waves.

I fee like I am watching a ballet choreographed by Nature. Hmm. I am actually watching Nature dance o’er the land. It looks rather like what you see in sports stadiums when people “do the wave.” Funny. This is far prettier to see, in my opinion.

I guess I never looked out at the tall grass before. Now I see the sage-covered hills doing the same dance – well the grass in the non-sage areas, that is.

How lucky am I that I get to live here? This, for me, is close to paradise.

Do you live where you want to live? Do you get to see views that inspire – or excite – you?

I grew up with a beautiful yard that was enclosed with evergreen bushes. I always had a beautiful view of Nature – until I got married and found our house flanked by houses, very close-by houses.

Thank goodness I got to leave that environment and find places with huge backyards. Only none had the view I find now.

What made the difference for me? I learned to consciously request what I want in life. I learned to request how I want my house to look and what I want to see when I look out the windows. I even asked for the neighbors I want.

Interestingly, when I consciously request how I want my life to look I get about 90% of what I ask for and then some. You see there is a trick to asking for what you want. Come closer and I will reveal that secret to you.

When you ask for something, consciously allow it to enter your life. In other words, do not build walls that keep it out. AND finish your request with the words, “This or something better.” Without those extra words you limit what the Universe can deliver.

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