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How to Be Happy in Your Career – 6 Easy Steps

Many people, these days, find themselves in jobs they hate. They stay there, even though they feel trapped, because they believe the alternative is no job at all. Following these 6 steps may lead you to a career you enjoy, something to look forward to each day.
1. What do you love to do? Study after study shows that people who work at jobs they love are healthier and happier than those who work in jobs they hate.
Write a list of all the things you love to do. Write another list of all the things you do well. See where the two lists overlap. You want a job doing something you love to do that you already do well. Can you learn a new skill? Sure but that takes energy and dedication-and time. Start with what you know and you can learn something new in your spare time.
2. Picture your perfect work place. Pay close attention to how you feel when you are in that career and work space. Your feeling will attract the job to you.
You want to know the feeling you will experience doing what you love. Put yourself into that place and experience it with all your senses. Your subconscious mind will think this is a real experience and do everything it can to make it real for you.
3. Ask for what you want. Your subconscious mind connects to the Universal Mind, Oversoul-whatever term you use to describe the all-knowing force. It can fulfill on any desire-so long as you make it known to your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind does thewhat. Your subconscious mind does the how to fulfill your requests.
4. How does your job serve humanity? Success includes improving life for everyone. Every decision you make impacts all of us. We really are connected and your energy goes out to the Universe and affects all people then it zooms right back at you.
Whatever you do, make sure it is in the highest and best interest of all who will be directly impacted by your work.
5. Be flexible. Nothing is ever written in stone. You may find the job you thought was so perfect and then find it does not meet your emotional needs or satisfy you in some other way.
Realize the Universe always works perfectly and any new experience comes to you for your ultimate benefit. You may not see why things happen as they do. Trust your highest and best interest always comes first with the Universe. You came here, in this lifetime, to live in happiness.
Maybe you need to change something you do. Maybe you need to learn how to speak up for yourself if things do not go your way. Remain open to learning and growing as a person not just as an employee.
6. Whatever job you do, even if it is not your favorite, do it to the best of your ability. Many people are slackers who do just enough to get by. Even if your skills are way superior to your job do all you can do every day. If you want a different job then continue to do all you can in the present job. Doing so pus out a message to the Universe that you are responsible and dependable. Your new job will come to you sooner.
By living in happiness first, regardless of your current job, your new opportunity will come faster.
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