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Instant Stress Relief: Top Seven Reasons To Practice Instant Stress Relief

Instant stress relief is one of the most empowering techniques you can use to eliminate stress the moment you find yourself in a stress-inducing situation. It’s amazing that more people don’t do it.

Here are the top seven benefits of using instant stress relief.

1.Preserve your health and well being. Stress impacts your physical and emotional health. Stress factors into seven of the top ten leading causes of death and is responsible for billions of dollars of missed work every year.

Stress makes people sick, unhappy and unproductive.

2. Whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on the stressor it looms as a giant, growing bigger, in your world. Soon all you will see is the problem, which blocks any possibility of seeing – or even looking for or thinking about – solutions.

You will quickly run what-if scenarios in your head that leave you feeling even more stressed.

3.You will avoid pulling out past memories of times you experienced negative results in what appear to be similar situation, dwelling on them and projecting them into your future as scenarios to fear.

Your imagination, not being able to tell the difference between what you really experience and your fantasies, causes you to live – on a physical and emotional level, the scenes you create. Those experiences take toll on your well being.

4. Stay in control of your emotions. Think with your emotions rather than allow your emotions to think for you. When you allow your emotions to take control you lose your reason and logic skills.

5. YOU continue accurate thinking. Stress can put you into your emotions leading to either positive or negative thinking. Neither serves you. Only accurate thinking, recognizing your interpretations of events, really works for your well being and happiness.

6. You look for solutions rather than not focus on the problem or the stressor. You will never solve a problem by focusing on the issue, by blaming someone for what happened or by wondering how it happened.

You can only move forward by looking for solutions.

7. Stress wastes energy, time and well being.  It creates a problem where none exists by taking you away from the present moment.

When you stay in the now you take action. You can only act in the present moment.
Struggle only exists in the future. By living in the present moment you handle the situation so it never looms as an insurmountable issue.

Either you take action now or you live in the stress of what might happen.

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