On the Couch With Doctor Michelle
2pm ET/10am PT

Seems to be the topic of interest these days – how to be happier in your life. I love speaking out loud as I heard myself say things that I knew only I didn’t “get” about my own life. I suspect you will find some of your answers in this show too.
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Krystalya Marie
Wednesday 9pm ET/6pm PT

“The Cause of ALL Suffering” During the show we talked about how until you treat the bottom line cause of any issue it will continue to present itself as diverse symptoms. What if you could go right to the root cause – no guessing as to what to treat first. And what if you knew the history of the issue? And what if you knew where and how to send energy to eliminate blocks to money flow, loving relationships and looking and feeling terrific? Could you finally heal? Ali will answer these questions and MORE…