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Oreo at bed time Tuesday

Today Oreo ate some food. I gave him small amounts and he asked for more. I don’t know what that means. I am loving him, golding him whenever he is awake. Well, not exactly holding him. That is not his thing. I am by him, on the floor where he is lying on all kinds of energy technologies.
Get this, I ordered a box of 100 Sacred G Fusion posters for a group to which I belong. the timing caused me to not get them until today. If the order had gone in earlier then I would have distributed them last Friday.
As it is, the Universe knew we would need them for Oreo and I get to keep them here until March 5.
He is peaceful today HE doesn’t look all pained as he did yesterday. But then cats to not let on when they hurt–which was part of the terror I felt when he screamed on Sunday.
Thank you for sending love, Light and prayers our way. I didn’t realize how much all the emotions had drained me until last night. I actually slept. Sleeping with a sick family member in the house – not something I ever did before.
All that matters in the world is love.

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