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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – How I Eliminated PTSD In Less Than 20 minutes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) not only results from a traumatic experience but is, in itself, a very disturbing time triggered by thoughts and events in the environment that may or may not be in your awareness.

While mainstream psychology says you cannot possibly get over that disorder (as they label it) instantly, I know it is possible because I did it.

In 1996, while working as a psychotherapist in crisis care I frequently worked with very dangerous clients. One night one of them cornered me and attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain in jury.

Stop and think about that event for a moment. The attack was traumatic. I could not get away. I could not even move because her enormous size (this person weighed more than 400 pounds) pinned me in a corner.

The aftermath was just as traumatic for me as it turned my life upside-down – I am talking absolutely every area of my life. Nothing was the same again – including my functioning.

In addition to the physical issues that ensued I found myself afraid of places, any places where I had worked with clients. (I used to drive them to appointments). So my life had become limited in where I could comfortably go.

Worse than that was the nightmares. Every time I closed my eyes (you only heal when you experience deep sleep. And trust me, with a brain injury all your brain wants you to do is sleep!) I saw either people chasing me or dead bodies. The scenes were so bizarre and always about death and attacks.

No matter how exhausted I was I could not get rest.

Enter the suicidal thoughts. I had no idea why but I became suicidal. Add that to the symptoms of the PTSD.

Now you have a picture of PTSD as I lived it. While each person has a different trauma define their state, the life disruption remains similar across the board. (Well, I don’t know how many people become inexplicably suicidal.)

The people on my medial team obviously wanted me to heal. So they tried one drug after another. I am not a drug-type person and my body immediately and severely reacted to every drug they offered.

So there I was, suffering, scared, not really feeling completely safe. (I was not really a danger to myself. The feelings were confusing and I did not want to act on them.)

I knew I needed to do something different. I knew I needed something that no one had been able to offer – as yet.

I do not even recall how I learned about it but somehow I discovered the field of Energy Psychology and found a practitioner who taught classes on how to do that work. I made it to the classes and since we learned by working on each other I got to know, first hand, the power of energy healing in the form of energy psychology.

In less than twenty minutes the PTSD was gone. –ALL the symptoms disappeared forever! I did not lose any memory of the event. They remained as vivid as ever. Yet all the emotional impact vanished.

I became an energy psychology practitioner and found instant results with my clients in every instance ranging from grief over the sudden death of a fiancé/bet friend and life partner, to anxiety and claustrophobia, to pain and allergies. The list goes on and on.

You are an energy being. When energy blocks happen, you heal by releasing those blocks.

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