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Remembering My Mom

My mom was a celebration of all that is good in life. She modeled love and devotion in her daily living.

In a time when women stayed home with their kids my mom had to work to support my brother and me – and her mom too. My dad died when I was just eight so she had no choice. She did whatever she had to so we always had what we needed. And I knew not to ask for more.

Even though she worked 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, coming home for dinner then going back to close the office at night, when my mom was home she was with me. In fact my mom probably spent more time with me than the mothers of most of my friends who stayed home all day.

I never heard my mom say anything bad about anyone. She ran all three of her bosses businesses and kept the company afloat when the boss couldn’t make payroll. She was more than amazing.

Her beautiful voice still sings in my heart and in life. She played the piano and danced – like my daughter does today. My mom still fills my life. Everybody loved her.

Everybody knew Grandma Edie’s smiling face and warmth. Everybody.

Ten years ago today (on the Hebrew calendar) my Mom transitioned to the next plane. She makes sure I know she is still here when I, or my kids, need her. She come sin a very real very physical way so I cannot mistake the fact that she lives, not just in my heart but n a different dimension.

The soul is immortal.

I remember my Mom today though I do not live by the lunar Hebrew calendar. Being Jewish was important to her ad I honor her with today’s commemoration and the lighting of a special candle. For me, my Mm left on March 28. On that day I will share a song about the amazing special being I called Mom.

I really miss her. No matter how old you grow to be sometimes you just want your mom to hold you and  let you be a little dependent kid again.Everyone needs their Mom. Know what I mean?

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