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Stress and Healing

The healing process can be very stressful—following either an emotional, physical or spiritual injury. And it can happen in a matter of minutes rather than years.

I was talking with a spiritual counselor today about the healing process. She was saying how things take time. She works in the paradigm that people get better as they can handle their issues that come up.

Hmm. That means the ego mind is in charge! Talk about a slow healing process!

She also said she knows how to help someone if they go into shock while working with her.

Shock! What the heck?

I work in a very different paradigm.

For one thing, an injury happens in a matter of seconds to minutes. Why wouldn’t you be able to heal it in a matter of seconds to minutes?

If your system creates the emotional piece quickly then it can create a totally different emotional piece equally quickly, yes? Only no one teaches that fact.

Instead, aligning with the default manner of thinking negatively as the defined reality, the thought form states that injuries heal slowly. Hence you hear platitudes like, “Time heals all wounds.”

Is that really how you want to live your life? Not me, thank you very much. And not my clients either.

You get what you expect and, more importantly in this case, what you accept as part of your reality. What I accept is that as Divine Beings (pure energy) living human experiences people can heal by instantly unblocking the energy points that became blocked during the crisis (along with the entire history of blocks that combined to cause the vulnerability to injury).

When I recovered from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by a physical attack that left me disabled with a brain injury in less than twenty minutes everyone in my energy psychology class accepted that reality as fact. No one was surprised – not really.

Yet when I told the therapists with whom I had previously worked (and found no relief from that condition) they said it was impossible.

I found it so interesting that I healed through energy work that (as I described above) cleared blocks caused by the emotional trauma almost as quickly as the injury happened. Yet not one medical person on my team of mainstream doctors and therapists believed me.

They could see I was better but could not and would not comprehend that I healed for a reason and no miracle had occurred! (The doctor in charge of my case actually wrote, in my medical char, mind you, that my healing was a miracle.)

Talk about what you accept in your reality!

You can continue to wait for time to heal you from the countless stresses that rob your energy and quality of life. Or you can switch paradigms and heal in a matter of minutes.

Phew! I prefer the stress-less route myself.

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