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Stress Relief: The Single Technique that Relieves Stress Faster (No kidding)

Stress takes its toll on people. Successful people use  a specific technique that relieves stress and leads to success across one’s life.

What is that technique? Make your decision quickly and stick to it.

Successful people are known to make decisions quickly and then rarely change their minds. When they do change, they do so slowly and deliberately.

How dos that habit relieve stress?

When you hve a choice to make and you linger over what to do, which path to follow, what goes on in your mind? You probably feel a need to gather as much information as possible to make sure you make the right decisions for you.

That information gathering stage expands. You want to make sure you do not miss anything.

For most people they make lists: one of the advantages and one of the disadvantages of each choice. So they expend energy looking for what could go wrong and what might be missing as well as what could go right.

There is another way to use your energy, a faster way that works more reliably.

Picture the desired outcome of making this decision. What do you want your world to look like because you decided ABC? Write all the results that will come of this choice. Go into great detail.

Now that you created that list of the scenario you want to live put it out to the Universe.
Put it out to the Universe? What does that mean?

Meditate on your list of desired outcomes. OR visualize them. Or best choice – virtualize them.

New York Times best selling author, Robert G. Allen, coined the word virtualizing. It goes beyond visualizing boosting your power to manifest what you want faster and easier.

To virtualize you go inside, behind your eyes and look out at the world you desire (pretend your desired outcome already happened). Do not watch yourself in a movie. See what you see walking in and acting in this movie. The set is in your imagination, okay?

What do you see? Notice the rich colors, patterns, view, etc. all the details of the place you find yourself. Feel what you are walking or sitting on. Notice textures and scents. Maybe you want to grab a glass of water. Feel yourself pouring it from a pitcher and then enjoy it trickling down your throat.

Hear what you hear in that situation. Feel what you feel. Create your virtual world as a real world already in existence. Because, frankly, as soon as you request it that possiblity exists as a reality for you. All you need to do is learn how to take the action to make it real,

Continue to virtualize that experience to speed its manifestation. You will manifest the decision you made faster and easier than you could have by any other means. Oh yes and this one will likely remain a constant in your life.

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