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Stress: Taking Actions Contrary to Your Values Causes Stress

Making choices that run contrary to your core values causes stress – lots of stress.

The past two weeks have been an extremely stressful time in my life. I managed to attract a circumstance that left me needing to take actions contrary to some of my deepest held values to remedy the situation.

Let me share my experience with you so you will understand what I mean and maybe avoid a similar situation.

I have been a health fanatic for over 37 years. Not only do I pay attention to what I eat but also to everything in my house (making sure it does not release harmful gases into the environment of my home) and everything I use, product-wise, on myself and my home.

All these years I have used only very pure products that I know all about—item and company. I value my health and well being. Without health you cannot know joy full out!

About two weeks ago I discovered I had at least one mouse in my house. It did such an amazing job of hiding and doing all its damage without making any noise that I really have no idea how long it lived in my home.

I used to have cat. I recommend that if you live in the country you get a cat. I never had mouse problems before. My cat always any critters indoors.

One day, much to my horror, I discovered a huge amount of mice droppings amongst my clothing. I really freaked out knowing that all that dirt was in my closet in my apparel.

I cleaned out the mess. I knew I had seen the mouse scurry from my room. I heard nothing and assumed it feared me as much as I feared it and it had left.

The other day I saw it run across my office. Then I followed it and discovered it had a hiding place. And it made regular forays into my house.

The situation bothered me something awful. It left messes all about – and I had no idea where because the carpeting in my home conceals pretty much everything!

I do not like to kill things. Without a cat I had no way to catch it and put it out. So I called my country friend and followed her suggestion – putting out poison bait.

Me, who caught hundreds of flies rather than kill them last year, I was about to put out a poison to kill a creature that didn’t have wings.

That was a huge stressor for me. What was even worse was finding the dead mouse. Turns out there were two dead mice.

Upon cleaning out their messes I found they had destroyed my clothing and other property and left such a huge disgusting mess in every closet and other areas in my home I no longer felt the remorse about eliminating them.

Yet I had gone against my value of the preciousness of all life. And as right as I feel about taking care of my own well being by eliminating their horrible filth the stress weighs heavily at times.

What happens now? I am ready to remove the energy blocks I created to how I handle that situation so I can remove the lingering stress and optimize my own health again.

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