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Manifesting Without Struggle

The last two days have been completely amazing days of manifesting many of my dreams. The Universe led me to some new spiritual groups, a happiness place online, people who constantly support one another with appreciation notes and exactly the spiritual teacher I have sought for at least 20 years.

Oh yeah, there’s more…I also discovered the source of some health issues I didn’t even know I had. And the way that message came to me was so completely bizarre – except that I know the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Finally I learned to pay attention so I get the whispers instead of missing all that helpful info that makes my life better in every way.

Oh yeah, I forgot something really big – at last to me…

I love boats. I mean I love being on a boat on the water. That is my favorite place to be. Today a friend of mine was in terrible pain. I can’t stand to see anyone hurt. She took something to kill the pain and it didn’t even touh it.

So I told her to come to my house, where my healing studio is, and I worked on her. She told she couldn’t afford my services. I told her not to worry.

After she felt better she “happened” to mention her boat and the amazing ride she and her boyfriend took on a river very close to my house.

Guess what I did? I knew this was a sign from the Universe so I suggested that she invite me on her boat in exchange for my working on her.

Pretty cool, huh? I have a number of friends with boats. But this person has the kind of boat I want to go on and she rides it where I want to go too.This was a custom order fulfilled by the Universe.

In other words, I manifested exactly what I deeply desired in a way I never imagined would happen. Who knew she had a boat?

So when you want something you really do not need to know how to get it You just need to know what you want and why. You ask for it then let it go.

The Universe does the how. In fact, if you try to tell the Universe how to bring it to you your results will suffer because you then limit the form in which your manifestation can come to you.

When I say that life is not meant to be hard I mean struggle is optional. The more we give in the easier life becomes.

If you do not live your dreams I recommend getting out of your own way!

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