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Ever notice who buys lottery tickets? People who cannot afford to throw away money tend to wish and hope.

Does that method ever get you what you want in life?

Last time I looked wishing and hoping were not strategies but pipe dreams. People who wish and hope fail to take action to create the future they want.They want to reap the harvest when they never planted the seeds. Hmm. Intriguing, to say the least.

I think most people know that lottery winners (not all) tend to wind up even more broke 3 years after their windfall than they were before the big win. And we all know the reason – you attract what you are. If your subconscious mind’s programs set you up as someone without money then it does not matter how much comes to you. You will lose it in some fashion. Spending it counts as losing it since it disappears from your bank account.

Lack currently forms the pervasive thought form on this planet. If you fail to consciously run your head differently by thinking thoughts of abundance then you will, by default, find yourself caught in the fear and trap of not enough.

Your unconscious focus on lack keeps you stuck. Counter that mindset with conscious thoughts of abundance. Not about money in particular but about what money does for you. Where will you live? What clothing will you wear? How about education? Spending time playing and enjoying life?

Do you know that people do not hesitate to spend $50,000 to recover from a heart attack yet they could have prevented that trauma by spending maybe a couple thousand dollars taking fun vacations or enjoying hobbies that reduce stress.

Focus, with very conscious intention. on how you want your world to look. Know you cannot do it two or three times each day. You gotta do it all day long. If you do it now and then your subconscious mind will replay 95% of your thoughts about lack from the day before. That 95% will cancel out the 5% of conscious abundance thought immediately.

Got it?  Now do it. You won’t have to monitor your thoughts forever. Make it an automatic happening. Do it daily for 28 days and your new habit will keep you in abundance – whatever that term means for you.

Consider this: if you are reading this then you have internet access. You live better than most of the world. Whatever your current circumstances you already won the lottery of life because you live where you live.