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Stop Your Addictions To Emotions

Do you know anyone who lives from one crisis to the next? The way they live each day earns them the label Drama Queen or Drama King.

If you or anyone you know fits that description follow these five steps to stop that habit now.

1. Recognize that you are, in fact, addicted to emotions. What does that mean? You need drama in your life. Your days cannot run smoothly. Some crisis must arise to get you hyped up.

As with any addiction, the longer you live with it, the more intense and the bigger the problems become to feed your craving.

2. Decide you want to change your life and eliminate the addiction to anger, to sadness, to illness, to being a victim – whatever disempowering behavior you cultivated into your habitual way of being.

3. Make yourself aware of all the benefits you now reap by staying stuck in your emotions as your driving force in life. Willingly release all attachment to those perks.

4. Decide you are ready to change. That means you want to live differently right now—and nothing, absolutely nothing – will stop you. You will go around, under, over or through any obstacle that blocks your pathway to change.

5. Choose the new habit you want to create, the new behavior you want to live that replaces the emotional addiction. Then spend 28 days building that new habit by creating a new folder in your subconscious mind and filling it with evidence of your new behavior.

Replacing an old bad habit with a healthy new habit is not as hard as you think. However it requires consistency and diligence to keep your mind focused on the behavior you want to create instead of the one you want to eliminate.