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Gratitude and the Great Life

Happiness and gratitude truly complement each other. Increase one and the other automatically increases too!

Nice, the way that works.

What a magnificent day I enjoyed today. I spent time with new friends, was offered a massage and invited to join a group of people I have long wondered about.

Ah…that is just the beginning.

My friend is a musician. I know lots of musicians, being one myself. This friend, Johnny Downing, is a musician of musicians and an electronics genius too. He created an organ in his home that plays the sounds of a full cathedral-sized organ.

He demonstrated his extraordinary instruments and effects for me and another friend. Truly I was blown away. It takes something mighty remarkable to impress me! Of course Johnny was not trying to impress me, He was simply sharing his passion with some people who appreciated his gift.

So tonight I learned that these two friends, like me, have always heard music in their heads. You know I was sixteen before I learned that not everyone hears music in their heads all the time! Imagine that!

We always think everybody experiences life the same way we do, don’t we?

I left the party early to come home. Tonight is a special night, here in the USA. Today we celebrate our independence, our freedom.

For me, I feel deep gratitude to be an American. As my friend, best selling author, Robert G. Allen says, “We won the lottery just because we live where we do.” Every day I thank the Universe for gifting me this most amazing life in the northwest United States.

I sat in my back yard and on my deck and watched more than three hours of fireworks spanning all across the horizon. I have no clue how many towns’ fireworks I got to enjoy without ever leaving the comfort of home. Most of the displays were too far away to hear the sound. So I basically got to witness a seemingly endless light show!

But it was more than that. As I sat there, right under the Big Dipper, I felt so humble and so small and so much one with the Universe.

I live far enough out in the country that the sky was filled with stars and planets. I felt like I was in planetarium. So many heavenly bodies twinkled all around me.

I recalled as a little kid trying to figure out which start twinkled first. I assumed they were sending messages in a morse code of some sort.

I notice that the better I feel and the more I appreciate who I already am, what I already do, and what I already have, the more smoothly life flows in the direction of my dreams.

Can you feel the peace?