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Change From the Outside In–Yes, You Can

Amy Cuddy’s expertise lies in teaching people how to affect change, not starting within, as most people teach, but starting by acting as if and becoming who you create yourself to be–in two minute pops!
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Transformation Awaits

How do you make the magic happen? YOU alone have the power to transform your life into your dreams. Together you and I can root out the core issues keeping you from taking action now.

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Over Forty : How to Make the Life Changes You Want to Make

Here you are, over forty, either divorced or in an unhappy marriage, and ready to make some changes. Only you do not know exactly what to change to or how to do it.

So, for now, you go along each day, following the same routine you know as your life, The thing is you are so done with this routine you are ready to step out of your comfort zone into the unexpected.

Well, maybe you do not want to move into the unexpected just yet. But you do know how desperately you want out of your comfort zone because you definitely know it is anything but comfortable!

Great decision. Yes, change begins with a decision. But then nothing changes until something moves.
Which something? You. You gotta take action, new and different action than any you have ever done, if you want to go places you have never been.
But wait. Before you take those new actions you have to figure out who you want to be in life.
Who you want to be? What does that mean?
People act in specific ways because of the thoughts they think which lead to the emotions they feel. If you want to be a tennis player you have to think about your physical health, your emotional stamina, your lessons, your coach, your game plans, your schedule, etc. You have to be someone who thinks, feels and acts like a tennis player.
If you want to be a writer it will not serve you to become (in your mind-body) a tennis player.
Make sense?
Great. Then to start your new journey decide who you have to become to achieve that new you, that new way of being in life.

How do you do that? Find someone who already does what you want to do. Then find out everything you can about that person. Read any biographies you can find. Read books or articles they’ve written.

If you can possibly do it, arrange to meet with them and possibly spend a day shadowing them to get the first hand real and honest look at how that kind of person spends their day.

Once you know what and how they do what they do then you can copy their routine.

Find someone to be your accountability partner so that you actually do the daily activities you say you will to accomplish your mindset change. Creating a new you does require a mindset change. You need support and someone who cares enough to remind you to stay on target to make that happen.

See yourself already living as the new you. Virtualize your day walking through each moment looking out through your own eyes, feeling the things you now touch. Eat and smell what the new you does. Hear the sounds that abound in your new world, etc.

Make the experience real for you. Guess what, by doing so you fool your subconscious mind into believing you really do live that way now.

Probably the most important action to take involves feeling gratitude for all you already have. Keep a gratitude journal and speak your words aloud so the Universe really gets how grateful you are. After all the more for which you express thanks the more the Universe wants to deliver to you.

Know that even though you already have so much it is okay to want more. You are here to enjoy the best life you desire. Stress only happens when you forget that truth and succumb to the ho-hum life you already lived – until now.

Are You Ready For Change?

Most people pay a great of attention and lip service to their thoughts about wanting to change. Almost everyone wants to change something about themselves or their lives.

Fact is most people say they want to change but really have no deep desire or any intention to do what it takes to change.

Change only happens when you are ready not when you say you are ready or think you are ready or want to be ready.

Change takes making a commitment to yourself. Unfortunately most people experience greater stress keeping promises they make to themselves than they do with promises they make to others.

Fact is most people break the promises they make to themselves. What do you think goes on in your subconscious mind when you continue to break promises you make to yourself?

Until you are truly ready to change and commit yourself to doing what you need to do to make change happen stop telling yourself and others you want to change. At least you will stop feeding the opposing force in your subconscious mind.

Is Change Scary?

Most people tell you the thought of leaving their comfort zone is scary. I think the opposite. Staying stuck in your comfort zone, especially when you do not feel happy (or even safe) is downright terrifying.

I was stuck in a marriage where we had not stopped loving each other but our lives had gonw in such different directions that we no longer enjoyed doing things together.

For years we tried to make the relationship work. But the bottom line was that both of us were unhappy.

After 31 years of marriage we mutually decided to part and had a very amicable divorce. Each of us now lives individually in  happiness we had lost as a couple.

Was it scary to go out on my own for the first time in my life past the age of 50? You better believe it was. But the thought of staying in deep unhappiness was way more scary.

Easiest way to happiness I’ve seen, today only, until midnight