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When I Was LIttle…

Funny, literally, the things we recall from childhood.

I live in the high desert up on a rigde across the sreet from Kuna Butte.  What is a butte? As far as I can tell it is a hill, a mound tall enough to be seen for very very many miles.

When I go across town to the foothills of Boise I can look out, find Kuna Butte and my house – from 30 miles away.

That is not what I remember from my childhood in the suburbs of New York City. That is just something I love about where I live.

The reason I want you to get a picture of where I live is…living on a rigde I get to experience high winds pretty much year round. I am talking really high winds. I watch the tumbleweeds fill my yard and blow across the farmer’s fields. I watch the birds remain suspended in air as they  batter their wings to move forward. Oh goodness, when they choose to let the wind carry them they zoom at rocket speed! Really really neat.

Wind – when I was little I used to think that the movement of tress made wind. I used to watch silently with baited breath to determine which tree moved first. In other words, I wanted to know which tree stated the wind! 🙂