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Rain On Your Parade?

Sometimes it rains on your plans. Do you make the ot of it and create new plans OR do you cmplain and dive into misery and disappointment?
Join the conversation and tell me what you do when rain cancels your intended activity by leaving a comment below the video.

Happiness: The Grass is Always Green – When You Will It To Be (For Real)

Happiness seems to elude many people. They claim the grass is always greener for their neighbor, their family, and their friend – always for the other guy but never for them.

Why does that happen? Truthfully, it does not happen at all. Think about this fact – even when it is pouring down rain the sun still shines. Drive up a mountain or get on an airplane and you clearly (literally) see the sun shining above the rain clouds.

No matter what is going on in a person’s life they get to choose how to interpret its impact on them. They can choose to see the good in the event.

They can look for (and I guarantee they will find it when they do) something good in every event. Or they can default to negative thinking, react and only see what is bad about that very same situation.

The fact is that the neighbor to whom those people compare their lives probably has just as many problems and challenges as they do. The big difference maybe that the neighbor (or family member) chooses to enjoy all that is right and working in their lives rather than focus on what is wrong, broken or missing.

Whatever you focus on expands. When you look for the bad stuff you will find it. In fact it will not stop coming into your world!

The lucky people out there, the ones with the greener yards, do not waste time moaning and groaning over what the lack. They express gratitude for all they have exactly as their life exists every day.

Chances are those so-called lucky people spend a good part of their day saying thank you for every little tiny thing that happens for them – green light when in a hurry and red lights when they need to refer to a map, mis-typed words that lead to information they have long sought online, etc.

What is inherently obvious here is that people who succeed take full responsibility for how their goes every day. People who envy others spend their time and energy complaining and blaming circumstances and people for their misfortunes.

Successful people make their success happen. They do not sit around waiting for it to come to them. They take risks trying on new behaviors that take them out of their box, beyond their comfort zone.

If you keep doing the same thing every day expecting different results you fit the description Albert Einstein penned as insanity.

You Get to Choose Happiness

Yesterday marked the 38th anniversary of my marriage–except that marriage ended seven years ago.

Over the past seven years that date came and went unnoticed by me. For some reason yesterday it came into my awareness and hit really hard. I felt very sad–until I caught myself in that place of unhappiness.

I know it does not serve anyone to stay in an unhappy place. Dang! it lowers your immune system, causes you to focus on other things that feel sad or bad. It makes you attract unhappiness! Yuck!

I immediately grabbed a happy memory and relived it by focusing my attention there.

Wow! Not only did I instantly change my mood–more than that, much more than that–I remembered how we talked long and hard, coming to a mutual agreement that it no longer made sense to stay married.

We had not stopped loving one another. We faced the reality that we each had gone our separate ways and being together stopped each of us from truly living in happiness.

When we did something I loved then he was not really happy–just went along because it was, so to speak, my turn. The same held true when we did something that he loved to do.

No way did we share a definition of happiness!

I looked at the wonderful life I live now and realized I could never have done what I did or do now with the people I am with and the place where I live if I had stayed in that unhappy marriage.

Perhaps, even more importantly, I realized that staying in an unhappy situation revealed a lack of self love. Thank goodness I “woke up” and changed my whole way of being seven years ago.

Gratitude swept through me for all I am, all I get to do and all I have now. And I am also grateful for all that happened that got me here–incuding the ending of a 31 year marriage.

How grateful am I that I know I choose how I feel in any given moment? Words cannot describe the peace I know.