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Stress: Communicate With Yourself to Avoid Stress

You experience stress because you interpret some event as causing you grief, pressure, overwhelm or some form of discomfort and unhappiness. Well, how do you know what you are going through is, in fact, stressful for you?

You tell you what makes you feel ARGH! Nobody else tells you how to feel. You decide when an event happens that you will feel bad, worried, scared, etc.

All those decisions happen automatically. Your alert subconscious mind runs your show repeating past patterns rather then stopping and asking, “Is it in my highest and best interest to act this way in this situation?”

Hmm. What do you suppose would happen if, instead of blindly performing action A when circumstance A presents itself you instead stepped back and took a moment to look for and consider new and different ways to act in that exact same situation?

You would have to talk to yourself to make that happen. So how do you talk to yourself?

Chances are you would carry on a conversation with the Little Voice that resides in your primitive brain where survival is key. That is a hint. That part of you is all about surviving and keeping you safe. It makes sure you do not take risks.

Which all boils down to repeating the same actions you have always done and not trying new things.

Does that make sense – to follow rules and safety measures established for a child to run you as a grown adult? How can that be?

Let’s say you do question your activity and automatic responses. You know that you carry on a conversation with that Little Voice in your head.

As a matter of fact you are listening to that Little Voice right now. It never stops chatting and running you – unless and until you choose stop it. Yes. You do have the power to stop its rants and cancel its opinions.

Right about now that Little Voice is telling to stop reading this article. OR it is agreeing with parts of this information telling you what is wrong with the rest.

Do you hear it? Your habit is to listen to what it says rather than just pay attention and stay present to what is going on in the moment now. That Little Voice runs a constant commentary on everything about your life as you try to experience the actual moment.

The only way to take a real hard look at which behaviors still fit for you and improve your life today is to shut off that Little Voice.

Want to know how to stop that constant commentary? You simply say, “Thank you for sharing.”

The Little Voice will stop – for the time being. It will pick up again later. So you just repeat the words, “Thank you for sharing.”

In the silence you can explore the possibilities that now elude you. Remember that anything is possible when you know that truth.