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How You Create Your Life

You hear it all the time – you create your life. Everyone says you do it with your thoughts and emotions.

Okay. So how does what you think and feel make your reality manifest?

Your Spirit (Higher Self, Soul) is that eternal part of you that lives outside your body. It is part of the All-Is-One, God, Source, Universe – whatever term you prefer.

When you make a request it creates the synchronistic events that provide the opportunity to manifest what you desire. It does all the how to fulfill your what!

Ah – but you have to take the action to realize it,

Got it?

Happiness Is Making Life Happen

There are three kinds of people:

1. The people who watch what happens. They think life just happens to them and they fit into the circumstances of the day. Living with that belief system allows them to blame others when things fail to go their way.

2. The people who make things happen. They know their life–all of it–happens the way they create it. They can be, do and have anything they want in life.

3. The people who wonder what happened. They are clueless.

Which type are you?

Happiness is Making Every Day Great

Yesterday was completely extraordinary. It was not a special date to commemorate. It just went super! All kinds of great things happened in my personal and professional life.

I credit a new program I started using two day sago with speeding up my manifesting. If you have goals in any area of life–health, career, personal, relationships, etc–and you just have not been able to make them happen you want to go here now. Get the free audio and listen to it. Watch the free downloads they gift you.

Go now to finally change your life at hyper speed.