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Death and Love

When you care about someone who suffers the loss of a loved one, even if that someone is no longer part of your life, sometimes you just want to let them know how much you care.

Life: Can We Be Immortal?

In this energy age alternative healthcare practitioners and metaphysicians uncover evidence that the body, mind and spirit work in ways that actually could lead to immortality.

In fact, they say the body was designed never to age or die. We make death happen.

As a Specialized Kinesiologst I see exactly how we create our conditions, leave ourselves open to injuries and cause conditions that age our bodies. The answers lie in the new age thought that we are energy. Pure and simple, everything about our bodies and our word is energy.

Consider that your body needs a precise quantity of energy to do what it needs to each day – some measurable number of units of energy. To illustrate my discussion let’s say you need 100 circuits of energy to make it through each day and get all the physical and emotional tasks done that compose your life. I include things like breathing, blinking your eyes, walking around, eating food, etc. (Yes. It takes energy to chew and digest food.)

Imagine you open your eyes in the morning. Before you get out of bed you think about the meeting today at the office, the one with the client you really despise. You lose 3 units of energy and you have not even gotten out of bed yet!

You mosey to the bathroom and notice your back feels stiff. There go another 3 units of energy.

By the time you get to your car, start your daily commute and hit your first red light, you are running on half the energy you need to make it through the day.

Where did your energy go? It went into a past that is no longer exists – except in your memory! Why are you pouring energy into keeping something painful alive?

If you stop to take inventory you likely rehash old arguments and wrongdoings against you (in your opinion) all day long very day. It is your habitual way of being and you may not even do it in your awareness. No matter if you know you do it or not you steal your day’s energy to feed the past.

Even when you play you expend energy. All day long you spend your energy account. Only by dinnertime you have overdraw your daily allotment.

What happens then? You borrow from your cells. What happens when you take energy from your cells? Your organs have to slowly shut down.

You see medical doctors cannot diagnose such actions. They aid you only now when something is awry after the organs lost so much integrity they function at maybe 30% of what they should be doing.

You lose energy every day because of your emotions and your activities. Which would be okay if you replenished those energy units. However you do not spend enough time sleeping at the deep level to repair your cells, grow healthy new cells and restore your energy to its full value.

What if you could recoup your needed energy each night? Organs would not shut down. Your body would not deteriorate. All of you would enjoy full integrity and maximum functioning every day—free from pain, free from illness. Your immune system could fend off anything.

The documented longest-lived man lived about 250 years.