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Happiness: Why So Many People Fail to Know Happiness

Surprisingly, in today’s world unhappy people outnumber happy people by 4 to 1.

Last night I was listening to a noted doctor speak about depression. He said that 60% of people are clinically depressed. That shocked me!

What he said next floored me.

He shared that studies reveal that 80% of people are unhappy.

Those statistics beg the question, “Why are so may people feeling so bad at this time?”

Interesting question to ponder.

If you look from the outside, these times offer us everything at our fingertips. People can go online and order whatever they want from any place in the world.

Or they can play all kinds of games with people they would never have met in person. For that matter, people can do things with their mobile phones that were not even dreams just a few years ago.

The fact is people have more toys than ever. The number of timesaving devices invented in the past ten years far outnumbers the number of devices created over all of time!

Knowledge expands faster than anyone can fathom – or take in.

Yet people are more unhappy than ever. People are also more hassled than ever.

In a time of labor and timesaving devices and conveniences why are people so stressed? Why do people have less time than they did during simpler times in history?

I have a cell phone that I can hold in the palm of my hand. On that tiny device I have a camera, a speakerphone, a QWERTY keyboard, alarm, calendar, stopwatch, count-up timer, calculator—and even a phone!

Personally I rarely use it but I have all those tools for the occasion when I may need them (mostly when I travel). I can do anything on that little device that I can do on my laptop.

And therein lies part of the problem. People feel they have to be connected every moment. Many business people think if they do to respond to every call or tweet or update in the ocean of social media that they will lose ground to their competition.

Ah! The crux of the matter…

There is enough business for everyone. The stark reality that so many of these run-run-run people fail to see is they can have their share of customers and leave the rest for others to take their share!

Life is not a competition. Even business is not about competition.

Life is about caring about others and serving them in the best way you know how. Your mission, here, is to contribute your gift so all may benefit.

Look back through history. When civilizations become greedy and businesses and governments are all about “me” the entire system collapses.

You can see it happening now all around the world.

When you look though, you will also see the new breed of business owner who serves customers the best way possible and makes a difference for all of us and for the planet too.

Depression: Is Taking on Other Peoples’ Feelings Causing YOUR Depression?

People usually assume their depressed feelings are their own. They never stop to notice or ask if those feelings belong to them or to those in their environment.

Of course we don’t’ ask if what we feel belongs to us or to someone else. We were not raised in a paradigm letting us know the possibility exists that we take on the feelings of others and allow them to impact our lives – sometimes very severely.

People begin that habit in childhood. In talking with people who call themselves depressed I found that many were the caretakers in their families – starting at a very young age.

What do I mean they were the caretakers?

As young children they heard the anger and hurt and tried to rectify the situation. As kids they took on the job of making it all better for all the adults and other siblings in the household.

When they started school that habit carried forth into arenas beyond their family. When anyone they knew, close friend or not, got hurt or had a problem they knew about, as young kids these people felt the other person’s hurt – emotionally and sometimes physically.

That was not a voluntary intention on their part. People seem to be born that way. Actually that is a gift called being an empath. Only it will not operate in your life as a gift unless you know you have that ability AND you realize what you feel may very well not be your emotions or pains at all!

Very many people prefer to ignore their feelings. They do want to experience them so they don’t. They go through life attracting people who will do their feeling for them.

That scenario is all too common for, but not exclusive to, women. Obviously not all women do this but many do marry men or get into relationships with men who do not acknowledge any emotions either in themselves or in others.

Those men deny dramatic events in their lives and use, what they describe as logic (If you ever stop and pay attention to most of their “logical” explanations you will find them to be anything but logical.) to pretend the events have no meaning for them and do not matter or the problems will work themselves out if you ignore them long enough.

Empaths tend to live lives of suffering calling themselves depressed and maybe even sickly. Only when they discover those feelings and symptoms do not belong to them will they be able to release what is not theirs and learn how to use their gift to help others without harming themselves.

Depression – One Surefire Cure to Beat Depression and Finally Feel Good About Life

Depression drains your life energy. It stops you from enjoying yourself and enjoying the company and companionship of others. After all, who wants to spend time with a person who brings them down?

You can beat your depression and raise your frequency of vibration to a level that will prevent you from ever experiencing depression again. I am not saying you will never feel sad. I am saying sadness is a temporary feeling that you switch off instantly while depression seems to close off the possibility of feeling better. (Note I said seems to.)

What can you do right now to reverse depression?

Unless you live under a rock you know that what you focus on in your life gets bigger for you. As T. Harv Eker says, “Where attention goes energy flows.” Chances are that you spend all your time focusing all your energy on how bad you feel, how overwhelmingly sad you feel and how crummy your life is.

The more you focus on those feelings and thoughts the deeper you fall into the pit. Actually the longer you keep up that habitual way of thinking the faster you will dig your hole creating a bottomless pit of despair.

So stop thinking about how awful everything is for you. Make the decision to focus on something else – or someone else right now. Then do it.

What? Can it be that simple – just shift your focus away from yourself and outside of you to some project or person for whom you can do some action right now? You see, even if you are bed-bound, by taking on some project that occupies your mind you must, yes, I said must, move out of the depression instantly.

Very simply, your mind cannot focus on two opposing thoughts in the same moment, You either feel happy or you feel unhappy. You cannot experience both in the same moment. So you get to choose how you want to feel.

Okay fine, so you want to take action to occupy your mind right now. What can you do instantly? Find a volunteer opportunity in your local neighborhood. Call a local hotline. If none exists call your local library and ask for help finding an organization that needs volunteers.

Most schools welcome volunteers. There are never enough teachers to give each kid the attention they need and deserve. Volunteers to assist with office tasks and working with the kids in all kinds of capacities are needed in most schools.

The variety for volunteer opportunities is endless. You are online right now. Do a Google search for  the word volunteer. You will find all sorts of sites with the complete range of subjects and types of work out there.

Just do something, anything, to which you can commit on a regular basis and begin it NOW. There is a whole world waiting for you, seeking your help in this moment.