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Celebrate the Divine Spirit You Are

Today I get to be part of a celebration of life for my friend’s 50th birthday. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to Southwest Idaho from the D.C. suburbs. She was always warm and welcoming – sharing her beautiful Spirit. Oh yeah, she also opened the word of drumming up to me.

Interesting, huh, since I raised one of the most talented drummers/percussionists playing on the international scene today? I used to marvel at what he does. I just couldn’t do it. Carolyn showed me how I can do it – my way.

Every one of us is a Divine Being living a human experience. Often you have to remember that fact and look to see that divinity in others.

With Carolyn Failla you can’t miss it because it shines as brightly as the sun!

Do you live your life in a way that others easily see the Truth of who you are?

You do when you love yourself first. It is not selfish. It is mandatory. Can you possibly be the best you and give the best of you to others if you do not feel it for yourself first? You cannot give what you do not have.