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Want To Know How To Eliminate Stress Right Now?

So you want to know how to eliminate stress right now?
I used to think that stress was part of life. I figured I could get through stressful events and be okay. But then another event would pop up, another event to get through. Which is what I did.
I discovered that I create my stress. Me. No body and nothing else.
No one can make me feel happy or sad or at peace but me. And no one and nothing can make me feel stressed out.
I can hear you saying, “But Ali, you don’t know what he did to me. This is different He made me feel pressured and overwhelmed. I didn’t used to feel that way!”
To which I reply, “Then why do you choose to feel that way now?”
You alone interpret events in your world. No one can tell you how to view or how to feel about anything or anyone.
I realize if someone caused you bad pain of any kind (physical, emotional or spiritual) you will blame them for your feeling bad now. So stop a moment and tell me when you are living. Are you not in this moment here and now?
Are you living back, how many years ago, when that trauma happened? You can’t. That time is gone. The best you can do is drudge up memories that come with your unique interpretation of events.
Your interpretation of events? Yes.
One hundred people witnessing the exact same event will describe one hundred different scenarios as to what took place. Some variations will be so far apart from each other you will not even recognize them as describing the same sequence of events.
The reason you didn’t know that you create your stress is you do not know you live on automatic. You live in yesterday’s world and you will do it again tomorrow.
You think about 65,000 thoughts per day. 98% of those thoughts are the same ones you thought the day before. In fact, those same thoughts run continuously in your head, more or less in the back ground—because you are so used to hearing the chatter you no longer notice it.
IF your thoughts are your creation of your world and you repeat mostly the same ones every day then how can you change your definition of stress? How can you ever get out from under all that over whelm and pressure?
The only way to eliminate that stress is to live in the present moment and pay attention to your thoughts. Think thoughts now. Live with awareness of what you are feeling because your feelings reveal what you are thinking.
When you feel bad then change your thoughts to feel good thoughts. Your stress level must drop as you think fewer and fewer negative thoughts, because your frequency of vibration will rise to a feel good level!