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Reduce Stress By Working in Your Area of Expertise

When you work in alignment with your talents and skills, doing something you love and truly value, then and only then will you eliminate stress and find the success you desire. And that success will  improve your life as well as benefit all people and the planet itself.

Everybody is an expert at something. When you stop to really look you will discover there is something that you do better than most people.

It may be something very simple like smiling just the right way to bring a smile to the face of someone too shy to look others in the eye. Or maybe you prepare the most amazing cranberry buckwheat bread on the planet.

Whether you are a business mogul or a stay-at-home parent you are an expert in some aspect. That is fact. Every person has a gift they came here to share.

Okay. The thing is no one is an instant expert at everything.

I have a tad of difficulty writing that sentence. While I am not the best at everything I am really good at very many things and an expert in many fields.

People born with multiple gifts, like Leonardo Davinci, were not limited to the Renaissance, you know. Many exist today. You likely know at least one person to whom you go for advice on very many different topics, right?

Fine. Some people have many areas of expertise.

However, I want to through a caution your way… many people pretend to be gurus because they see a new business opportunity. So they jump on the bandwagon. They really have no expertise but they say they do!

So how do you know who to follow?

You certainly cannot choose a guru by the letters after their names. The most gifted healers I know are not the ones with college degrees and fancy letters (no one can decipher) awarded by smart business people who decided to open a school and accredit people with letters after their name because they paid the smart person money to do so! (Lots of that going on these days!)

You decide on whose advice to take by following their specific advice in one incident and noting the results. If you got your desired results then the teacher knows what they are doing. If you failed to reach your desired and intended goal, and you did what the so-called guru said, they are not the right person – at least not for you.

Remember the college professor teaching business out of books in a classroom with no business experience will not make you a successful person out in the real business world.

In the world of entrepreneurs there is a standing joke that you just gotta forgive the poor guy (literally after paying for the degree in time and money) with the MBA.

When you choose your area of expertise really do what you know and not what you think will make you money. Doing work you love will reduce your stress. In fact, you will not work at all. When you love what you do you do not have a vocation but rather an avocation.