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Happiness Means Never Experiencing Failure

Failure only happens in your mind if you choose to interpret events that way. Instead you can find the lesson or gift in what happened.

You can live in happiness and never experience failure.


Failure is optional, a way some people interpret events in their lives. It is common knowledge that Thomas Edison found 10,000 ways not to invent the incandescent light bulb. Those were his words. He never saw any failures.

Why would someone choose not to accept failure? Because really you can only experience failure if you choose not to learn from the experience.

You can look for the lesson the discovery reveals in the unexpected results of your endeavor. How many great scientific discoveries and culinary delights happened when things did not go as the creator expected them to?

When you expect one result and a different one shows up you have a choice: throw in the towel with great disappointment OR look to see what you can garner from these new and different results.

Take a look at your life. When did you make the biggest steps forward in reaching your goals? When you met obstacles and challenges on your path. Right?

When the Universe forces you to think and act in new ways, when you must step outside your box and forge a new path – that is when you find your greatest successes!

People tend to coast through life when nothing comes up in their faces. They see no reason to expend extra energy pursuing more and better ways to be and experience life. So they settle for mediocrity- along with their neighbors and most people in the world.

Look at the lives of the most successful and happiest people on the planet. You will find a common thread of adversity. Every one of them hit rock bottom or survived a major life crisis that catapulted them into action.

Some people associate the word rejection with failure. Here again, the way you interpret the event determines whether or not you ever feel rejected.

I raised two performing kids. Talk about rejections. I wish I had known this when they stated their careers. I did eventually figure it out. But my figuring it out doesn’t mean they share my view. After all, you can know something in your head but moving that feeling into your heart takes conscious effort and a true understanding.

When someone says no they are not rejecting you personally. They are simply letting you know that no matter how talented you are you are not the person or set of skills they are looking for. In the case of acting roles – you may not have the “look” they want.

Guys, consider that when you ask out a girl and she turns you down that she just saved both of you the heartache of a date that bores both of you – or worse.

Make sense?