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Happiness: Setting Your Priorities and Living In Them Creates Happiness

To live in happiness set your priorities then live the lifestyle that supports you living that way.

One of the things I like most about living in a small town in Idaho (even the capital of Idaho, Boise, is a small town by my standards having grown up in the suburbs of New York City and raised my kids in the suburbs of Washington, D. C) is the family-first priority I see wherever I look.

Many families shop for groceries together. You can see four or more kids with their mom (and often with dad too) pushing carts down the aisles discussing what to buy, finding the items and pitching in to pack up the goods (in the self-packing store, obviously).

Pretty neat, don’t you think? Every one has an input – usually. Maybe that accounts for the big number of kids, even little ones, sitting in the carts, saying and waving, “Hi!” with a smile for everyone who passes by. You just don’t see that commonly in the big city suburbs.

No one has to get on a plane to visit their kids and grandkids. That means they get to see each other often. In fact, many of them babysit regularly for their grandkids—which not only fosters closer relationships and also assures everyone is safe and happy – and enjoys being with one another.

You create memories when kids are little, memories that last a lifetime.

Here in Idaho I also notice frequent family trips. Camping is very big here as are outdoor sports. Fishing and hunting are commonly done and taught to both boys and girls.

When I first moved her I was very taken aback during hunting season when most of the men disappeared from business meetings. Seems they all went hunting. Now I find many of my female friends also hunt – not for sport. They eat the meat and share it. (That is how I started eating game meats and amazing fish.)

I live in the country, across the street from government protected Birds of Prey Land. The rolling hills make the prefect setting for horse –back riding, ATV riding, motor cross, biking and running. I see families out here doing all those fun activities together.

When I sit outside I hear the conversations and joy of sharing good times, relaxing in the country doing what they love—all together.

Lots of Kodak moments!

At heart I am a laid back country person. I used to rush-rush everywhere and stay constantly busy – and often overwhelmed –when I lived in the East (which was all my life until three short years ago). You could not pay me enough to get me back to that relentless fast pace everyone out for what they can get, crush the competition life style.