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Is Change Scary?

Most people tell you the thought of leaving their comfort zone is scary. I think the opposite. Staying stuck in your comfort zone, especially when you do not feel happy (or even safe) is downright terrifying.

I was stuck in a marriage where we had not stopped loving each other but our lives had gonw in such different directions that we no longer enjoyed doing things together.

For years we tried to make the relationship work. But the bottom line was that both of us were unhappy.

After 31 years of marriage we mutually decided to part and had a very amicable divorce. Each of us now lives individually in  happiness we had lost as a couple.

Was it scary to go out on my own for the first time in my life past the age of 50? You better believe it was. But the thought of staying in deep unhappiness was way more scary.

Easiest way to happiness I’ve seen, today only, until midnight

Fears Block Happiness–What To do About It

You must see your value for yourself. You must recognize how worthy and deserving you are of everything you want in life. How do you do that? You change your self-image–the picture you have of who you can and cannot be in life.
Reading this information will not change anything. Sure, becoming aware of these possibilities existing in your life helps you know what path to pursue—maybe—to move forward. But only taking action makes change happen.
People fear change so much (even when they know they really want to change) that they self-sabotage by procrastinating on taking action. Procrastination reflects fear of change.
Hmm. No matter where you look, the reason you feel stuck in life is you fear something. More likely you fear a number of somethings. Want to move ahead? Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. Jump in and do.
If you stop to think, if you allow procrastination to rule—kiss your dreams good-bye.

Fears Block Happiness

Everyone wants his or her life to be better than it is. Even if you have everything working for you, you still want more. That feeling is human nature.
That feeling reflects the underlying fear that most people exhibit—either openly or deep within out of their awareness. The fear is not having enough. Even very rich people often think they do not have enough money.
They fear losing it and not being able to get it back fast enough. No matter how much money they make, that fear holds them tightly in bondage. That fear leads to the all too common dis-ease of workaholism.
A second fear plays into the lives of most people, insidiously driving them to always need to do more. That fear is not being enough. Those people lack self love so they constantly need to prove how good they are—to others. By seeking approval and praise from others, they think they can calm or even erase their feelings of inadequacy.
Not possible. Only you can erase your fears–by loving yourself first.