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Women Over Forty In Unhappy Marriages And How They Cope

Many women over forty find themselves stuck (their often blind choice, of course) in unhappy marriages. They feel unskilled and unable to join the workforce to support themselves so even though they live in the emotional pain of a dead marriage, they do not leave. In fact they do not do anything to rock the boat.

Not all women get themselves in such stuck situations even though they too find themselves in unhappy marriages. Why?

You always have the opportunity to view your world through different eyes. Change your perspective and talk with other people to get clarity on how you yourself feel and what action is appropriate for you.

I know some people who do things together but their marriage exists in name only. Basically they live in the same house and maybe go out to a movie or dinner but that is the extent of their relationship—even though they hold fast to their marriage certificate.

When people stay together long after the feelings of love apparently dissipated you know they both benefit somehow. So long as neither one takes advantage of the other or hurts them in any way, that system seems to work for many women.

It seems to work. But does it really? OR is there an unrecognized under-current of stress?

Stress operating out of awareness does so much damage – especially to women’s health. That fact goes largely unnoticed because most research is done on men. So it becomes paramount for women living in less than happy circumstances, to take an inventory of their true feelings regarding their current life style.

In particular, pay attention to your degree of happiness, how fulfilled you feel as a person as well as how complete you feel as someone who contributes to society. Really, take an honest look at yourself and how you feel about every aspect of it.

Once you complete your self-survey ask yourself if you can look at any problem areas from a different perspective. You see, you can change your life and your world in two ways: first you can make a physical move out of the house to a new place OR you can change how you look at the current situation.

Look without a need to blame anyone for anything, In fact, remember that forgiving is all about for giving love to those you used to think hurt you.

No matter what situation you find yourself in right now, you can choose to see the painful parts of it. You can also choose to see all the pieces that work well and support you. With the latter your stress levels will plummet moving you away from stress before it makes you ill or injured.