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Stress: The Fun Way to Eliminate Stress

You can actually use this one technique to eliminate stress and enjoy yourself in the process. Yes, you read that right. This stress elimination technique can be fun for you and downright entertaining for the partner who assists you in the process.

“Okay then, what is this magic answer?” you ask.

First ask someone to make a commitment to you to assist you when you are ready. It is often helpful for you to choose someone else who, like you, wants to get rid of some stressful issue in their own life. That way you will assist each other creating a win-win situation. Situations where all come out winners usually go smoothly and efficiently.

Take a pen and paper. Write down the stressor. Maybe it is an event or maybe it is circumstance. If it is person then write down the name of the person.

Next go into great and thorough detail describing what happened that left you feeling stressed. Think of every little point no matter how small, that contributes, even today, to your feelings all about the stressor.

The more information you write down the more effective your elimination of the stress will be.

Take your time.  No one will set a timer or criticize you for taking too long.

Let your partner know when you are done writing all the details. As soon as your partner agrees he or she is ready for the next step simply decide who gets to go first.

Okay, now the person who goes first, take your full story about the event that continues to stress you out. Get comfortable and tell your partner to get comfortable too.

Now read what\you wrote –include all the details! Just plow right through it until you finish revealing every item and feeling on your papers.

Your partner’s job is simply to listen – no commenting, no opinions – just listen.

When you finish your partner says, “Thank you. Will you please share it again.”

Okay, so you read it all over again. And when you finish your partner offers the same response, “Thank you for sharing. Please read it again.”

After about the forth reading your words will begin to sound silly. As you continue to read your story over and over again you will find yourself becoming detached from the emotions of the story, seeing the event for what it truly was – just a meaningless event in time and space. Not relevant to your life today in this moment.

As you read your tale of woe you will notice how silly it sounds and chances are you and your partner will start to laugh out loud. Each reading will bring more laughter until you decide to chuck the stressor and the story because it no longer wields any power over you.