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Happiness And Organization: How Do I Get Rid of Clutter?

Here’s the thing about clutter: your environment reflects what is happening in your mind. If your office is unorganized than realize your mind is too because your outside world ALWAYS reflects your inner world – always.

Really, once you complete organizing your home or office space you will feel noticeably lighter with more energy.

I bet you don’t feel the energy to get the job done. That is because you don’t really want to do it.

You look at the mess and figure it is going to take so much work, so much time ad so much energy – just the thought of tackling it becomes overwhelming. Am I right?

One of my friends makes mundane tasks into meditations OR fun. Can you create a game around the organizing routine? Can you see it as a spiritual event that connects you to your subconscious mind? After all that is what happens as you clear out the mess – your communications becomes clearer.

See yourself with the task all done. How do you feel? Experience that feeling right now. See what you see – literally. That will get you going and working on the job subconsciously. The result? You will find the boost you want.

When I cannot find what I need I get so terribly frustrated. I know I will need to waste time re-creating what I cannot locate. Those moments cause me to organize my papers, my desk and my home.

Right now I am on a new energy kick (detoxing works wonders!) so I can do what I need to do as well as what I want to do.

And I use a secret weapon that I will share with your right now. I found an accountability partner. I email her every day and let her know I did or did not do what I said I would do every day.

Tell you what, I am not about to embarrass myself by telling her I did not do my daily tasks! I recommend both an accountability partner and also a rewards system for yourself. Do something that makes you feel great on a scheduled basis. For instance, I watch a movie every three days I stay on target and I call a long-distance friend every 5 days.

I would not make the time to do either without those rewards being part of my campaign to keep my life straight and focused. So everything fits together in the big picture of my happiness.

Give yourself a reward every 3 or 5 days for staying on-track.

The one way to stand a better chance of succeeding is having an accountability partner. That is what I do. I just email her every day the list of things I say I will do on a daily basis.

No excuses, simply “Done” or “Not done.” I’d feel too embarrassed to send a “not done”. So no matter how I feel I get myself to do everything on my list.

That task moves your mindset to where you want it to be.