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Habits: How To Replace Bad Habits With Good Habits

If all you do is stop a bad habit you leave yourself open to start a new bad habit. The default process replaces bad with bad which also means it replaces good with good.

When you stop a bad habit you must consciously replace it with a good new habit. Make the effort to replace bad with good. Use correctly formed and worded affirmations – all very complex not simply as you often see most gurus teach. They leave out most of the essential parts. Then people wonder why they fail to manifest what they speak in the affirmations every morning and every night and paste up on their vision boards.

Affirmations, as taught by most gurus, leave out key pieces – it’s one of my soapboxes. You can find details in many other articles and programs I created because there is so very much to know. Affirmations do work—100% of the time. You are living all your affirmations, made unconsciously, right now!

Back to forming habits…

Be Persistent and consistent using your new affirmations and behaviors for 28 days. And make sure your affirmations have a Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ is a method I created to evaluate your affirmations and goals) at 100. With a Personal Meaning Quotient of 100 there is NO WAY you do not manifest them. Anything less than 100 may or may not happen.

Now I realize that most of the people who read this information will not use it. You see, people pay lots of lip service to making life changes but few take any action to make it happen.


Most people are lazy – physically and emotionally lazy. They want instant gratification. They want change NOW and they do not want to make the effort, to expend the energy, or to experience their emotions.

Look at all the people in unhappy relationships.  Yet they stay in that deep hurt rather than take the steps to end it. They do not want to go through the pain and the action it takes to create a new life by ending the known life.

The other reason few people actually change is because it takes lots of energy to think accurately: to think and live in the reality of things rather than living with the appearances of the world and things. The fact is that 2% of people actually think. 3% think they think and 95% of people would rather die than think!

Stop a moment. Notice when most people want to make a decision they go to their neighbors, their family, their friends – for advice. Are those people experts in the field? NO! It would take work to seek out expert advice from many sources, to educate oneself and make a wise choice.

You gotta invest time, energy and effort to reap desired results.

People are afraid of change. They’d rather stay stuck in the misnomer comfort zone—really your know zone.

I think it is way more scary to look forward to a lifetime that looks as it does now–seeing as how you are here looking to make changes I assume you are not living your dreams – yet.

Make the effort to create the habits that put living your desired life on automatic. You have the next 28 days to make it happen.

The question is, will you DO it?

Habits Run Our Lives

Always looking for the gift…

When I awakened at 3 AM a thought popped into my head. All my life I created circumstances that took me away from people making my life very private, very quiet – and allowed me to create a world I may never have known – inside. The many talents and gifts I discovered may have remained hidden even from me had I not found mself with so much time alone.

When I was growing up being a tomboy was definitely not fashionable. So my friends were boys – until we got old enough for the boy-only sports leagues. Then I found myself stuck again. The happy news is I always had boy friends with whom I could do the fun stuff like climb trees and rocks and play baseball. The stuff most girls just didn’t want to do.

Okay so that was how it was. But that is not all it was. You see I also too kmyself out by getting sick. I think I did that to see if my mom would take off work to stay home with me. Only she couldn’t because we needed the income to live (my dad having transitioned to the next plane when I was really little).

Now I am not talking colds and flu. I am talking mono and hepatitis, the kinds of illness that took me out of school for months to the point I even had to drop out of college to recover.

What hit me during the night is every time I moved into some social network and made friends I attracted someone or something that knocked me out of the game. The ultimate blow happened when that client attacked me forcing me to leave the field of psychotherapy.

Hmm, the patterns we repeat untl we get the message…

And here I thought I now heard the whispers of the Universe and no longer needed the 2 x 4 attention-grabbing blows!

You cannot break a habit until you know it exists.

In the darkenss of the middle of the night I recalled mentioning to my friend, earlier in the day, that I felt unable to leave the house because my cat really misses me whenever I disappeared from his site. Now realize (this is the same cat who neary left me a few short weeks ago and my thinking is heart issues develop from a lack of insuuficient attention and love. I always felt that my Dad left us at such a young age with heart troubles becuase he didn’t feel loved – but that’s a personal issue.)

I have been afraid to leave my cat to live my life. I waasn’t there in the moment my Bubby left or my first cat and I got to my Mom the instant after she left.

Okay. I know  spirits decide when to leave. I also know my Mom did not want to leave with me there. And that is how it is. And here I am repeating that pattern with my cat.

Again I took myself out of life – again – so I can create.

I do that taking myself out into seclusion, of sorts–and I write music and articles and I paint.

And I teach what I most want to learn – living in happiness.

And I do know how to live in happiness. I constantly test myself to prove to me what I know and, more importantly what I do and teach, works. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I know how to ive in happiness.

With  that awareness I can now stop living as the subject of my own in-depth research!