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Happiness is Doing What You Know To Do

Most of us know exactly what we can do to feel good and be happy. The thing is, most of us fail to do what we know will work.

Why in the world do people act in ways contrary to their own best interest and highest good? Put another way, why do more people self-sabotage more often than they self-support?

The default thinking in Western society is that negative thoughts are real while positive thoughts are fantasy. Ludicrous, don’t you think? Why do people buy into such a concept?

It doesn’t matter why because they do. And the fact that they do feeds that thought energy pattern. Whatever you focus on grows bigger. Thoughts that receive energy from lots of people grow bigger and bigger until they become such huge thought forms that people who do not like to think for themselves (which encompasses most people) tune into that thought, take it as their own and live that way as their truth. That thought form becomes their reality.

Running right along with that negative way of thinking and living is the notion that hard work gets you more in life. And the harder you work the more money you make.
Or how about the idea that more money will solve their problems.

I have never seen so many people work so hard at one, two and even three jobs yet they barely make ends meet.
Or healthy food tastes like cardboard and other such nonsense.

What happens when people get a raise? Do they pay off their bills to live debt-free? More commonly they go out and buy more toys then wonder where the extra money went!

Why does the vast majority of people live with such self-deprecating behavior patterns?

Certainly is not because the information is not out there for all to grab and use.

People tell themselves all those lies and rationalize their current unhealthy patterns because they are lazy, emotionally lazy.

To live differently they would have to make time to look at what they must be thinking to have their world look exactly as it does. Moreover, they would have to take action to change their habits.

It takes time, money and effort to change what you think and how you feel. And it takes making a decision and commitment to living your life in a new and different way so you can enjoy a healthy body, mind and spirit.