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When Healers Think They Are Healing Others But…

When I worked as a psychotherapist I knew about this not-so fictitious place called Therapist’s Central where, it seemed, clients chose their therapists so both worked on the same issues at the same time. Hopefully the therapist stayed very many steps ahead of the client.

The point being that  clients forced the therapists to clear their own stuff so they could be of optimal service.  This situation gave each therapist a very much “being in their shoes” experience. (No, I am not saying a therapist has to live every  issue of every client they treat. I want you to know how often that reality appears. There are no coincidences.)

Realize all those events happened back before I ever knew about how we attract who we are. Obviously Therapist’s Central is very real. We call it the Law of Attraction!

What hit me just now is the fact that Therapist’s Central is not just about psychotherapy. As a Specialized Kinesiologist I do the exact same thing. Whatever issues lie out of my awarenes appear in the clients who come to me. What does that mean? While working with someone I see that some of my own situations, or the aftermath of them, appears in those with whom I deal.

Now here is where you must exercise caution if you work with a “healer” by any name. You see, it is not possible for any of us to be 100% clear. An awakened “healer” knows to clear herself or himself before  working with someone else. Such a healing agent also knows when the information that surfaces is their own stuff, that they are testing themselves in the moment, rather than what belongs to the client. And immediately corrects that situation.

How do I know all that? I trained with really excellent practitioners who immediately saw their own info coming up in their clients.  I watched how they tested for accuracy and then corrected the situation. They showed the difference between conscious living in their profession adn how the majority work.

I also saw healing agents who had no clue they  had switched from testing their client to testing themsleves – while it still appeared the client was the subject.

I saw such a healer once – me being the client. So interesting. Everything going on in her personal life showed up “for me.” I was clear that it was her stuff and not mine but, at the time, I did not understand how it showed as mine.

Another healer I saw would, miraculously, find that whatever expensive new equipment or supplement she just bought was the exact remedy for “my” situation. Needless to say I stopped seeing both of those people.

Thing is, both situations arises more often than one might think. So I offer that caution when working with someone.