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Experience Trumps Book Learning And I’ve Got Lots Of It

Welcome to my world. In this brief, and I hope, eye-opening look into my world you will discover why I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can help you make the difference in your life you REALLY want to make.

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Rewiring My Brain For Success by Ali Bierman

On June 9, 1996, while working as a psychotherapist in crisis care, a client attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain injury. To say that incident turned my life upside-down would be a gross understatement.

I recall thinking, “I am responsible for 8 lives. I cannot lose consciousness or she will surely kill me and who knows what else.”

At three times my size, she pinned me in so tightly I could not even move. And then I noticed how she pulled her body back before each swing and timed my movement to slide out of her trap.

Her repeated blows to my head impacted every system in my body.

The sixteen members of the medical team on my case either told me it was all in my head (Duh, I house my brain there!) OR there was nothing they could do to help me, “Learn to live with it,” they said unapologetically.

I knew all I had lost intellectually. My short-term memory disappeared – one week before final exams in my first year of doctoral work.

My eyes didn’t work, my hands shook (ending my design business, writing and guitar playing) and I was dizzy out the wahzoo.

Besides the pain that made migraines look like a walk in the park, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) robbed me of the sleep I so desperately needed to heal.

The gift in my injury quickly revealed itself when the Universe led me to energy modalities – which I never knew existed. As I learned each specialty in an effort to heal myself (no way did I buy into the paradigm of the medical community that said I would not heal) I discovered, though I had to use my manual (lacking the memorizing ability), I was often the first student to grasp and use the concepts successfully.

I didn’t re-gain all I lost.

However, I healed to the point that I mostly reclaimed my memory, overcame the PTSD, and functioned through severe dizziness living mostly with my eyes closed for 17 months (yes, my hearing became so acute I heard air moving – or not moving when blocked by things like buildings).

I became a very successful specialized kinesiologist. My followers called me Doc Ali and my reputation spread quickly.I even resumed my guitar playing and art work.

So you might imagine how shocked I was to find that I had developed a brain tumor that wrapped around my brain stem and top two vertebrae. We found it in 2011 though it had been growing for years.

The surgeon warned me that I might lose my ability to speak and swallow. In addition, half of my tongue, one vocal chord and other organ parts became paralyzed. Surprisingly, my strong muscles atrophied instantly!

I lost more of how I used to be.

Thankfully I learned, with the first brain issue, to look for the gifts in the situation. I found enough to list them all day long.

We take so much for granted in life – until we lose it.

I did what it took to regain my ability to speak, swallow, and walk. One huge lesson taught me that putting myself out in the world, even if I am less than perfect, is okay and people still follow me!

More than ever, my lifelong desire to serve others, to bring them to the reality of happiness as a birthright, burns within. I am here to tell you your life lies in your hands – well, in your head and how you run it.

I can show you why struggle is optional. Been there. Still doing it.

Loving Yourself: The True Meaning of Self Love

When Krystalya Marie interviewed me on,  we explored how the mind-body-spirit connection shows up in peoples’ lives AND how my work clears the resulting suffering, I shared the fact that I had recently discovered the true meaning of Loving Yourself.

My words came in response to a caller who sounded terribly down on herself. She said she must not love herself because she couldn’t attract good happy things, only feel bad things into her life. And the intensity of her struggle continued to escalate.

I told her I had been grappling with exactly the same issue until a revelation happened during my meditations. I get ALL my solutions during meditations. I HIGHLY recommend daily meditation of some form that works for you. Contact me for guidance in finding your own way to meditate.

What came to me, that was then confirmed two days later, is the fact that until you love yourself enough the Universe cannot make you privy to the mess hidden out of your awareness that causes your suffering.

In other words, when you have so much love for yourself that you can make it through heavy duty momentary pain then you can free yourself forever.

What the heck am I talking about?

The Universe never presents you with a situation without also presenting possible solutions AND you also need to be in a place where you will allow those solutions into your awareness.

I had noticed the exact pattern working with clients for 15 years. Some people’s issues came with great details revealed by their spirits during our work. I never asked them to recall memories because the whole point is the deepest pain lodges out of your awareness where it remains inaccessible to the conscious mind.

I also noticed that some clients spirits gushed forth with minute detail all across their life time. Yet other clients only flitted through those moments so I could catch them and enter them into the circuits I worked on yet we never knew the details of what happened when.

In both cases, the clients cleared the suffering for the specific issue on which we worked each circuit. Yet those who got to know the causes were the ones ready to handle AND DISMISS the emotional attachment to those issues.

The others knew the ideas and emotions of the root causes but did not experience the same opportunity to know what they cleared. That outcome left them vulnerable to repeating the patterns. Working together we disclosed the emotional pattern just not HOW the pattern showed up for them in real life instances.

When you love yourself the Universe throws stuff at you because It knows you are ready to heal as soon as you “get” the message the Universe has a major life lesson for you. When you fail to hear the message delivered in whispers it gets louder and louder and more in your face until you find yourself in crisis.

So there I was feeling upset with myself for not walking my talk by loving myself first – the main theme of my work in happiness. All the while I have been loving myself so much that the Universe has been, in essence, yelling at me letting me know exactly what I need to heal and to do so once and for all – so I can stop attracting more and more physically painful intensely serious circumstances to my world.

Happiness is Noticing How Life Happens in Cycles

Life seems to flow in cycles. When you pay attention to what has been you can get a good idea of what will come. That way the Universe will not have to hit you over the head with a 2 x 4 to make you take notice!

More than twenty years ago I deepened my study of how we create our reality. At the time I was into psychology. I discovered the link between how the mind works and how energy works.

When a friend ran energy on me following a near collapse at her house, I learned that something I could not see impacted my well being – not in a day or a week but in minutes.

Wow! What was that?

I did not understand anything about Reiki, as she called it. I just knew something energetic happened. I had long known and felt energy pour out of my hand as I healed my dancing daughter’s many injuries during her teen years.

You do not have to understand something to use it. I have no idea how electricity works. I just flip the switch and the room lights up!

Thankfully the Universe gave me an awareness of the Universal Laws long before I needed to draw upon them to recover from a life-changing brain injury.

Since I knew about energy work, after the brain injury I welcomed every offer of someone teaching me and working on me. Good thing too because that is how I healed – energetically.

As I myself became an educated healer I started strictly with energy psychology and acupressure tapping along with multiple kinesiology modalities that grew form Touch for Health.

So I moved from theory to actual energy work to the detailed work of specialized kinesiology. Each step on my journey allowed me work with more and more people with deeper and deeper issues.

I recently realized my specialty limits me to working on people who can physically get to me whereas when I did energy work I could easily do that long distance.

Only now I awakened to the fact that I can do what I do with anyone anywhere on the planet. With the internet I can communicate around the globe and guide someone to take steps to eliminate many of the blocks that formerly could only be cleared in person.

I also realize I can use a surrogate, here in my healing studio, to do work for someone on the other side of the planet.

When you realize that everything and everyone is energy all the possibilities open up so you can see what you want to see.

Oreo’s Healing Journey

To be clear, back when I didn’t know if I would ever get my life back following the brain i jury I realized that healing has nothing to do with recovering the life and body/mind one had prior to whater trauma happened.

Healing is about accepting yourself exactly as you are in the moment. And healing is also about letting go of a body if staying on this Earth plane no longer serves your spirit.

Yesterday as night came on Oreo started slowing down. Suddenly, for the first time in his life he acted and looked his age. I have no clue how old a 20-year old cat actually his. We know a dog’s life equates at 7 years for each human year.

He seemed to sleep okay last night. Started out with me. Got up and asked for food. But then he started following me around. He never did that before. His body jerks now and then. I didnt think much of that as mine does too – at times.

He spent yesterday in his before-traumatic event spot on the couch. Last night he actually asked for the energy bed to be placed in my bedroom and though he started sleeping on my bed he moved down there at some point.

Today Oreo asked for the energy bed to be placed by me where I work. He spent all day, so far, lying on it.

Here is what is so interesting…

My friend Mary told me Oreo wanted rose quartz by him. And I placed a good sized raw rose quartz crystal by him Sunday when she told me to. Oreo lay on it, most surprising because it is quite jaggard, Sunday and Monday.

Today he started with his paws against the crystal. Then moved so it was right at his third eye. T hen he turned so it was at the base of his spine.

You want to know that Oreo is no ordinary cat. Just like my first cat, Samnatha ( maybe I will share the book I wrote about her some day) he is a super spiritual being who happens to live in a cat suit right now just as we live in human being suits.

He knows exactly what he isdoing. He is bathing himslef and his chakras and meridians with the love energy of the rose quartz.

So I don’t really know if he is staying with me or getting ready to go.

HE just went into the corner behind the infrared heater. Now back on the energy bed–which, BTW, the Universe gifted us with for an extra 2 weeks.

Thanks for continuing to send energy and lots of love to both of us. And if you have some hugs to spare please send them too.

I love and appreciate you all.