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Health And Happiness Live In Your Mind-Body Connection

To really know health and happiness honor and feed your mind-body connection.

I love sharing what I know really well – all about heath and happiness. I feel lucky to really understand our energy body and how the physical body works.

As health fanatic for more than 35 years and a healthcare practitioner, I have a unique perspective on well being. And I have a deep understanding of the power of the mind to create our state of health.

Many years ago when the concept of blood types became popular I explored that field. Interestingly I found my blood type diet matched my Ayurvedic type diet so I found myself convinced of the validity of both.

Following that life style meant I maintained optimal health by eating meat and cooked, never raw, foods. Can’t say I was pleased with that option as I never liked to think that some animal gave its life so I could eat. (I think I supported the ketchup industry as a kid when I smothered all meat to disguise what I was eating.) And fresh salad was probably my favorite food to eat!

Hmm. So what did I do?

I observed how much better I felt when following those dietary guidelines so, except for the meat, I ate more warmed foods than salads and noticed I did actually feel better. I also found it easy to maintain my weight eating that way.


A serious injury, a brain injury that impacted every system in my body, pretty much caused my health to sharply decline on the vegetarian diet I enjoyed for fifteen years. When a holistic doctor told me to eat animal protein I realized I had to figure out how to handle such a big change in my eating habits.

I am not going to tell you I enjoyed eating animals. It took years of making gravies and sauces and doing my best to hide what I was eating – from myself. Thing is, I also noticed my health coming back as I ate according to my blood type and Ayurvedic type.

Fast forward fourteen years to the present. I changed my eating habits when I left the East Coast and came out to Idaho I discovered all the organic foods I was accustomed to eating were harder to find out here.

I started eating things I would never even have considered putting in my mouth for more than twenty years! Before too long my health declined. It took years to figure out my new way of not eating so healthy left me with parasites AND to eliminate those creepy crawlies the recommended diet (are you ready for this one?) was raw vegan foods!

Yikes! Totally against what I had grown to believe was my optimal diet.

What to do?

I felt so crummy I decided to jump in and do the raw vegan, organic foods only diet. Almost instantly my health started to improve.

I was stunned. My head was reeling. How could I feel good eating raw foods and only raw vegan foods?

Simple answer? I told my body I had to make this work so I could heal. And my mind led my body to heal.

Health and Happiness Happen Outside Your Awareness

To live in optimal health you want to eliminate both the cause of the health issues AND all the blocks you do not know you have to allowing and maintaining health.

Working as a Specialized Kinesiologist I observe that most people say they want something yet put up all kinds of obstacles that prevent it from coming into their lives.

They do so without conscious awareness. Doesn’t really matter why or how. The fact is they defeat themselves and wonder why they cannot find happiness or manifest what they say they want to manifest in their lives.

People come to me to clear emotional and physical issues. The fact is every physical issue has an emotional cause. I treat causes not symptoms so I know when I finish my work I have absolutely removed the cause of the discomfort.

When I finish that removal I am not yet done with the session. I complete each session checking for the blocks I mentioned earlier. Most people have more than one block in their belief systems that stops them from fulfilling on their desires.

We each have two belief systems: one we inherited (and that can come from many many generations of commonly held beliefs that no one even knows they have, let alone pass down) and the constructed beliefs system (which happens in this life time, resulting from the paradigm you buy into).

Those beliefs lodge in our chakras. So I clear what is happening in your chakras as a result of both our inherited and constructed belief systems.

Some of the common energy blocks include: not believing one deserves to be happy and healthy and (Are you sitting down?) not wanting to be happy and healthy. Think about it – if you have an issue that gets you benefits like attention or disability payments, why would you want to let go of the cause of the problem?

Another big self-defeating attitude is not allowing healing to occur.

Seems odd, yes? Remember that all those beliefs happen outside your awareness. Unless you work with someone like me you have no way of knowing they even exist let alone know how to eliminate them.

Because I see the “not allowing” good things into one’s life on such a widespread basis I want you to know how to prevent it from crushing your dreams. (Note: You do want to remove it energetically as it relates to past issues. But right now I am talking about preventing future issues.)

When you state affirmations (learn the complexities of making and stating accurate affirmations so you really will manifest your desires) always add the words, ” I am now welcoming and allowing ABC into my life.” Think of it as an addendum, along with the words, “This or something better.”

Health and Happiness: Be Happy To Be Healthy

The degree to which you experience health depends on your level of happiness. Most people think if they become healthy then they will be happy. Most people have it backwards.

Everything is energy – every person and thing, even thoughts, is energy. All energy vibrates at particular frequencies. Things and thoughts that make people happy vibrate at high frequencies while things that make people unhappy vibrate at lower frequencies.

Your body works in a similar fashion.

Each organ system in the body has a frequency at which it is healthy. When the frequency falls to a slower rate that organ system becomes impaired and health issues begin to form.

Happiness is a high frequency vibration which means it moves in high waves at a very fast pace.  It reaches crests and troughs many times each second whereas unhappiness moves in low, long and slow waves with far fewer waves completed per cycle.

Think about depressed people. They tend to slouch and move very slowly. When you find yourself around them you notice you feel drained and their energy feels heavy. I feel weighted down just thinking of someone like that. Do you feel it too? Then you know exactly what I mean.

Now think of someone you know who is happy and smiles lots. They tend to have very good posture and be very active. Their energy feels alive. You want to be around them because you feel lighter in their presence. You feel happier too, right?

When you find yourself around a happy person you sense their higher energy. Your brain notices it too and raises its own frequency to match theirs. As your happiness increases you feel better too – physically and mentally.

Smiling raises your frequency. Laughing raises it still more. And laughing out loud increases it further still.

Happiness is a high vibration. If you start there you automatically raise the frequencies of your organs. For that reason Norman Cousins healed himself of an incurable disease by watching videos that made him laugh.

Happiness not only speeds up your vibratory level but also releases feel good hormones and peptides into your blood stream. The better you feel the more feel good chemicals get released so you feel even better and the cycle perpetuates itself.

When you feel bad the opposite happens. Your body releases feel bad hormones and chemicals causing you to feel worse. And the frequencies of your organ systems get negatively impacted. As you find yourself feeling sadder and sadder (or angrier or more frustrated) you slow down your organs’ vibrations. Your organs take time to recover. Unless you move to a happier place soon they will continue to run at the lower frequencies that lead to impairment of functioning and loss of health.

Living in happiness is not just something that feels good. The happier you are the healthier you are. That is not a placebo effect. It is fact.

Health and Happiness: You Are As Healthy As You Think You Are Live In Your Mind

Whatever you think about your health and level of happiness determines how healthy and happy you actually feel.

In his famous book, As A Man Thinketh, James Allen quoted the Bible when he stated, “As a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be.” Henry Ford reiterated that point in simpler language saying,  “If you think you can or if you think you can’t you’re right.”

What pictures do you hold of yourself in terms of health and happiness? You may or may not know, actually. You see, your early caretakers, your parents, siblings, teachers, friends and society created the picture you have inside you out of your awareness telling you who you can and cannot be, what you can and cannot do, and what you can and cannot have when you were too young to filter out their messages.

Consequently, the limiting picture you live by now, your self image, only allows you to accomplish actions that fit that narrow definition of you. The good news is nothing about your self image is set in stone.

You can change many aspects of who and what you are simply by deciding who and how you want to be in life. You just need to know that fact, really believe it in your heart, and live from that truth. Decide then act in the new way, the way a person who lives that way, the life you desire to live, acts.

How do you do that? Ask yourself, “What would a person who leads that kind of life have to do to be that way and have what they have?” Then work backwards. Ask yourself, “What kind of actions would he have to take to get where he is now?” Next ask, “What would such a person have to think that leads him to take those particular actions?” Finally, ask, “What kind of person takes those actions?”

Okay, so now you have some answers to some of those questions. Now what?

You cold make yourself crazy trying to figure out all the how to make it happen OR you could ask the Universe, God, Source, Creator (whatever term you use) to show you how to become like that person who already lives that other life style to which you’d like to become accustomed.

OR you can find someone who already lives that way and ask him or her to mentor you.

Actually you don’t really need mentoring, per say, you really just want to follow that person around for a few days, note what they say and do, then do as they do.

When you duplicate the actions of a successful person and you know, in your heart of hearts that you deserve that same success, then you have to achieve that goal. Period.

Health and Happiness Happens When You Want Health and Happiness

When you want to live in health and happiness set the goal of achieving both. Pay attention to the words you choose in creating your goal.

Look for ways to gain health rather than eliminate conditions and disease. People succeed in life when they move toward something they really want rather than run away from what they fear or wish they did not have.

What do I mean? Someone with health issues who is unhappy may say they want health and happiness when what they really want is to stop feeling bad, lonely and crummy. See the difference?

Understand that your subconscious mind fails to recognize negative words. So any time you don’t want something your subconscious mind receives and acts on the massage you do want it. Not wanting to be sick comes in as wanting to be sick.

Think a moment, how often during the day do you actually think about and focus on what you do want? If you are like most people you spend most of your waking hours focusing on what you do not want.

When someone asks you a question as simple as, “Where do you want to eat lunch?”  do you list all the restaurants you do not want to go to before you get to the one you do want to patronize? Be honest with yourself.

The words you choose determine how you feel and interpret events in your world. Your thoughts create every aspect of your world. To be healthy you want to know what to do to create optimal health rather than stop being unhealthy.

Instead of losing weight (What do you do when you lose something? You find it, right?) set a goal to live at the weight that is optimal for you, that allows you to do all the activities you enjoy allowing you to feel terrific being your body.

Your body does have an ideal weight which is probably different from that of the models you see – their photos air-brushed and manipulated to create some unnatural look for the media. Those people, in real life, often look very unhealthy with pale skin and way too many bones showing.

Think about this fact, can you ever be happy if you do not like the way you look and feel? Now flip that thought around – can you ever be healthy if you are not happy?

The answer to both questions is an unequivocal, ”No!”

When you feel happy you accept yourself exactly as you are. Starting with self-acceptance you can move toward gaining optimal health because you no longer resist what is. You cannot make any changes unless you start where you are now.