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5 Steps to Rewire Your Brain For Success

My voice isn’t back yet I still made this video for someone you know who is stuck making excuses for not being successful in their relationship, their health, their work, their happiness or their finances.

Please click LIKE and share this how-to video because the formula works and you just may help your friend turn around his or her life. they will love you forever!

Health: Create Optimal Health and Happiness One Small Step At a Time

You can create optimal health and live in happiness easier than you think.

You know your life does not look exactly as you want it to right now. What do you do to make the changes you really want to make?

Before you feel too overwhelmed to proceed thinking there is just no way to move from where you are no to where you want to be, the gaps being too wide to overcome without doing way too much work, take a deep breath and continue reading.

Feel more relaxed now? Great.

You see change happens incrementally. When you make one little change you stick to it far more easily than you ever would if you tried to leap from your current status to your desired end.

You can do anything if it fits into your life right? And you can do it without stressing out, without exhausting yourself and without frustrating yourself because the task appears too difficult for you.

Begin with your big picture goal and then break it down into the small goals you need to reach on the way to the end result.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you want to begin to get healthier by taking care of your body. You choose to eliminate eating bedtime snacks for one month.

Each night when you find yourself doing whatever activity would cause you to grab something to munch on before bed you make a conscious choice to live in the now, in the present moment and distract yourself with an activity that occupies your mind and allows you to forget about eating something you do not really need.

Repeat that new behavior every night for 28 days. Each day you succeed you will increase your motivation to continue that new behavior. And you will do it without causing yourself pain or feelings of deprivation.

I know you can do it if you really want to. You know it too. So what are you waiting for?

Begin it now!

Health And Happiness Live In Your Mind-Body Connection

To really know health and happiness honor and feed your mind-body connection.

I love sharing what I know really well – all about heath and happiness. I feel lucky to really understand our energy body and how the physical body works.

As health fanatic for more than 35 years and a healthcare practitioner, I have a unique perspective on well being. And I have a deep understanding of the power of the mind to create our state of health.

Many years ago when the concept of blood types became popular I explored that field. Interestingly I found my blood type diet matched my Ayurvedic type diet so I found myself convinced of the validity of both.

Following that life style meant I maintained optimal health by eating meat and cooked, never raw, foods. Can’t say I was pleased with that option as I never liked to think that some animal gave its life so I could eat. (I think I supported the ketchup industry as a kid when I smothered all meat to disguise what I was eating.) And fresh salad was probably my favorite food to eat!

Hmm. So what did I do?

I observed how much better I felt when following those dietary guidelines so, except for the meat, I ate more warmed foods than salads and noticed I did actually feel better. I also found it easy to maintain my weight eating that way.


A serious injury, a brain injury that impacted every system in my body, pretty much caused my health to sharply decline on the vegetarian diet I enjoyed for fifteen years. When a holistic doctor told me to eat animal protein I realized I had to figure out how to handle such a big change in my eating habits.

I am not going to tell you I enjoyed eating animals. It took years of making gravies and sauces and doing my best to hide what I was eating – from myself. Thing is, I also noticed my health coming back as I ate according to my blood type and Ayurvedic type.

Fast forward fourteen years to the present. I changed my eating habits when I left the East Coast and came out to Idaho I discovered all the organic foods I was accustomed to eating were harder to find out here.

I started eating things I would never even have considered putting in my mouth for more than twenty years! Before too long my health declined. It took years to figure out my new way of not eating so healthy left me with parasites AND to eliminate those creepy crawlies the recommended diet (are you ready for this one?) was raw vegan foods!

Yikes! Totally against what I had grown to believe was my optimal diet.

What to do?

I felt so crummy I decided to jump in and do the raw vegan, organic foods only diet. Almost instantly my health started to improve.

I was stunned. My head was reeling. How could I feel good eating raw foods and only raw vegan foods?

Simple answer? I told my body I had to make this work so I could heal. And my mind led my body to heal.

Health and Happiness Happen Outside Your Awareness

To live in optimal health you want to eliminate both the cause of the health issues AND all the blocks you do not know you have to allowing and maintaining health.

Working as a Specialized Kinesiologist I observe that most people say they want something yet put up all kinds of obstacles that prevent it from coming into their lives.

They do so without conscious awareness. Doesn’t really matter why or how. The fact is they defeat themselves and wonder why they cannot find happiness or manifest what they say they want to manifest in their lives.

People come to me to clear emotional and physical issues. The fact is every physical issue has an emotional cause. I treat causes not symptoms so I know when I finish my work I have absolutely removed the cause of the discomfort.

When I finish that removal I am not yet done with the session. I complete each session checking for the blocks I mentioned earlier. Most people have more than one block in their belief systems that stops them from fulfilling on their desires.

We each have two belief systems: one we inherited (and that can come from many many generations of commonly held beliefs that no one even knows they have, let alone pass down) and the constructed beliefs system (which happens in this life time, resulting from the paradigm you buy into).

Those beliefs lodge in our chakras. So I clear what is happening in your chakras as a result of both our inherited and constructed belief systems.

Some of the common energy blocks include: not believing one deserves to be happy and healthy and (Are you sitting down?) not wanting to be happy and healthy. Think about it – if you have an issue that gets you benefits like attention or disability payments, why would you want to let go of the cause of the problem?

Another big self-defeating attitude is not allowing healing to occur.

Seems odd, yes? Remember that all those beliefs happen outside your awareness. Unless you work with someone like me you have no way of knowing they even exist let alone know how to eliminate them.

Because I see the “not allowing” good things into one’s life on such a widespread basis I want you to know how to prevent it from crushing your dreams. (Note: You do want to remove it energetically as it relates to past issues. But right now I am talking about preventing future issues.)

When you state affirmations (learn the complexities of making and stating accurate affirmations so you really will manifest your desires) always add the words, ” I am now welcoming and allowing ABC into my life.” Think of it as an addendum, along with the words, “This or something better.”

Health and Happiness: 7 Tips To Create Both Now

Some people look for ways to get healthier. Others look for way to be happier.  What most people fail to see is you need both to have either.

These seven tips show you how to live in both happiness and health now.

1. Make a commitment to yourself to get and stay healthy and happy. No matter how many good intentions you have to become happy and healthy, until you make a commitment to yourself nothing will happen. You will try program after program. You will grab at every new fad.

Ah, think about how many commitments you made to yourself that you never fulfilled. What will be different this time?

2. Look for ways to gain health rather than eliminate conditions and disease.

People succeed in life when they move toward something they really want rather than run away from what they fear or wish they did not have. Someone with health issues who is unhappy may say they want health and happiness because they really want to stop feeling bad, lonely and crummy.

3.You are as healthy as you think you are. And you can only become as healthy as you believe, in your heart and your self image that you can be.

You read it everywhere these days, though it originally was stated in the Bible, “As a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be.” Put in more modern terms, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t you’re right.” Henry Ford

4. Your level of happiness determines how healthy you can be.

Most people think if they become healthy then they will be happy. That thought process works backwards, contrary to how energy runs to create a person’s reality.

Happiness is a high frequency vibration. If you start there you automatically raise the frequencies of your organs. For that reason Norman Cousins healed himself of an incurable disease by watching videos that made him laugh.

5. Describe how your life will look when you are both healthy and happy.  Unless you know what your life will look like when you actually live in happiness and health how will you know when you get there?

6.Virtualize yourself in that state of happiness and health. Go within and look out through your eyes. See, taste, feel, smell and hear yourself actually living experiences in your happy and healthy body and mind.

The more sensations you “live” using your imagination the sooner you will manifest this state as your new reality.

7. Determine your really truly reason for wanting to be healthy and happy. Caution: it is not what you tell others and may not even be what you tell yourself. Be truthful.

A big enough why makes you unstoppable. Nothing else will.