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Happiness: Once You Get There What Comes Next

To live in happiness you want to accomplish these major of steps: learn how to communicate with your Higher Self, your Spirit; change your habits and actually shift to a new perspective on how to live each day in happiness.

What comes next? How do you go from happiness to create the connection with the Life Force, with God – the one process that makes the difference between struggle and the lack thereof.

The simple answer is stay 100% present with any task at hand. You focus on the here and now. To feel bad you must either be in your past pain or in your future anticipating of pain.

For instance, when you talk with someone, in that moment that person is the single most important person in the world. You pay attention to the words. You hear the gaps between their words. You notice their body language. You let go of thoughts of what else you could be doing. You stop all thoughts of other activities like making grocery lists and devote 100% of your attention to him or her.

Many of us multitask and we seem to be pretty good at simultaneously doing a number of tasks adequately or even well. Note the word, seem.

You may feel successful doing more than one task at a time. I know I always thought I did all of them really well. Then I thought about what was going on in my brain.

I was using more energy than I realized, energy that needs to be replaced each night with deep sleep. Failure to replace that energy leads to slow deterioration of one’s health and ultimately to death. The medical world calls it aging. I call it failure to replace your daily energy.

The net effect is overdrawing on your energy bank account. The fees build up until they smother you!

In addition, with all that noise in your brain and mind, paying attention to so many unrelated details, there is too much noise to hear your Higher Self communicating with you – as it constantly does.

How do you resolve both issues?

You create the habit of focusing on one item at a time. As you do so your ability to stay in the present and live in the now will increase. With no effort you will hear your Spirit talk with you.

You will remember you are never alone. You remember your actions are in sync with what your Spirit tells you. You never act alone. That deep connection motivates you to continue to live in the present plugged in and turned on to the Truth that we are all connected.

You will hear your Spirit talk to you so clearly you will automatically respond with appropriate actions

Struggle Happens When You Live As Your Ego Self Separated From Your True Self

The person you think you are is actually your ego self maintained by your self-image. Only you never made your self-image. And you certainly were not born with it.

So who are you – really?

You are a spirit living in a human body. The real you is part of the Divine All-Is-One that you read about. The real you is that connecting piece to everyone and to everything.

When you remember that truth you realize that struggle really is optional. The way you live your life and how you choose to look at the world determine whether you enjoy a peaceful and joyful existence – or not.

When you study the tenets of every major religion you discover they share a single goal – living in happiness by remembering our connection with the Divine both as ourselves and as the Life Force, God, Creator – whatever term you use.

People only suffer when they forget that Oneness and feel alone and on their own.

But how does that connection happen? By knowing and loving your self. I am not talking about bubble baths and meditation with oils. I am talking about communicating with your Higher Self, your Spirit, your immortal Soul –the many names by which you will know who you really are. I call it your True Self

Discover your True Self, who you were at birth. As a child your parents and siblings, teachers and society told you all about whether you were good or bad, smart or useless, cute or dull, etc. All their comments went into folders they created (not you) in your subconscious mind leading you to create an ego self you think really is you. To hold its power, that ego driven self strides to maintain separateness from your own unlimited possibilities Divine Being.

That separation leads to all struggle. Without the knowings that come constantly from your Spirit, you make choices and decisions by guessing and hoping. You use what you call logic, which is a poor substitute for 100% accurate information that is always in your highest and best interest.

Only your Spirit can provide those answers because only your Spirit knows your past, present and future. It guides you along your path.  You want to learn how to listen to its messages.

You also want to learn how to communicate your needs, ask questions for which you want answers and solve problems with the solutions that come with every problem—except you have to learn how to see them.

Your ego mind loses all its power over you if you connect with your Divinity. It places obstacles on your path to take you off course. It knows when you recognize your Truth, who you really are as opposed to your limiting self-image, it will lose its power over you.

Imagine how your world will look and the things you will do when you know that every choice you make comes with the confidence that you will thrive.

Nice picture, isn’t it?

Realize that sometimes events happen that will be in your highest and best interest but they may come in scary or even horrific forms to get your attention and keep you focused on the now. Even those happenings always come with solutions and the gift of learning something you needed to know to progress on your soul journey.

As you know your True Self you will love the real You. That self-love will move you forward through your human journey so you accumulate all the learning you came to gather in this lifetime.

Follow Your Heart

When you follow your heart, despite what anyone tells you, you will never make a bad choice.

Listen and trust your wisdom and your connection to the All-Is-One.

Living in happiness simply takes awareness and staying tuned in – to you, your angels and your guides. Be in life instead of watching it pass you by.

Spirituality – The Fast Track To Happiness

Spirituality is the common thread that crosses all religions. What is spirituality?

You are is a Divine Being living a human experience. The Divine energy that is you, that is immortal, is your Spirit, your Soul, your Higher Self. Learn how it communicates with you and how to make that a 2-way conversation to eliminate struggle and move to happiness and joy.

How You Create Your Life

You hear it all the time – you create your life. Everyone says you do it with your thoughts and emotions.

Okay. So how does what you think and feel make your reality manifest?

Your Spirit (Higher Self, Soul) is that eternal part of you that lives outside your body. It is part of the All-Is-One, God, Source, Universe – whatever term you prefer.

When you make a request it creates the synchronistic events that provide the opportunity to manifest what you desire. It does all the how to fulfill your what!

Ah – but you have to take the action to realize it,

Got it?