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Stress: Is Stress Inevitable

Stress seems to be present in all areas of life. Even people at play push themselves so far and so hard that their joy fills with stress.

People stride to do their best. Or more likely, to do whatever it is better than the next guy.

Hmm. Now there you have the paradigm that says stress is inevitable in life.

But does that have to be everyone’s truth?

How do you have to run your head to see circumstances and events as stressful for you? You have to be someone who interprets events in a negative way. Rather than seeing obstacles as stepping stones that lead you through life you would have to view blocks as insurmountable objects.

For people who see that proverbial glass as half empty it never occurs to them to go over, around or through the obstacle. They see it as something that stops them. Period.

When they see life that way they fail to see the solutions that abound. Absolutely every problem that comes into your life comes with solutions – always. But you cannot possibly see them or be aware of them unless you allow yourself to resolve your situation.

That choice involves feeling worthy and deserving of good things. Yet chances are that people who see the dark side of everything likely have low self esteem, do not feel worthy or deserving of good things.

Since they have a poor self image they project their self-defeating attitude toward others and to events. For them, life is a series of stressors. Their reality says stress is everywhere. They cannot escape its grasp.

Their habit of interpreting events has them looking for what is missing or what is wrong in every situation. Their automatic response is in the direction of not feeling good, not enjoying life, not succeeding without struggle.

In fact, when things go right in their world they nervously wait for the sky to fall! Obviously they create what they think about. And then say, “See I told you so!”

Is their reality yours?

You get to choose your reality. When you love yourself you allow good things to come to you. You see the good in the nasty situation. You see the lesson in the painful circumstance.

That kind of attitude will not see stress everywhere. That mindset will not go in the direction of pain. That habit of thinking will see far fewer stressors in their lives.

The bottom line is you always see what you expect to see.  And you always see what you accept to see. If you do not accept certain possibilities (like stressors everywhere) then you will not see that possibility even if others do.