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Law Of Attraction: Ask And Ye Shall Receive

You really do get what you ask for – always. The thing is most people do not realize they make requests unconsciously every day and reinforce those requests while the conscious requests go by the way side.

The result? People constantly receive what they do not want.

When you put out a request you want to follow guidelines – far too many to go into here and now. The bottom line is ask for what you want rather than what you don’t want. When you stop resisting you will stop attracting what you focus on with your resistance.

You may have read my story about the mouse in my house dilemma. I felt just sick at the thought of killing it. We have become sort of friends. Sounds ludicrous – I know. We played hide and seek the other night.

Well, I am not going to re-tell that story. What I will tell you is I did buy the poison my friend recommended and it bothered me something awful to put it out. But a mouse in my kitchen, in my bedroom closet in my clothes leaving droppings…NO WAY acceptable.

When I heard the mouse cry and thrash about I feared the poison was slow acting and the animal was suffering. Killing a creature is bad enough. Making it suffer does not work for me.

So I changed my whole line of thinking about the situation.

I actually sent love to the mice (I am pretty sure there is more than one.) Yeah. I know that sounds really goofy. But think about this – the mouse is a Divine Being just as you and I are Divine Beings. It was created by the same Life Force that created us.

I believe, no, I know, that love is the solution to every problem. Sometimes I lose sight of that Truth—as happened here with the mice. So when I started sending it love and messages that I would help it leave my house suddenly I no longer saw or heard it.

Maybe I just did a super job of trapping it in my kitchen under the stove and it cannot get out. I don’t know. I just know I did not have to watch that little gray fur ball with those big black eyes run around my room last night.

The best part is, when I was in the store today the Universe sent me down an aisle where I found (Are you ready for this?) a humane mousetrap. I can put peanut butter inside to lure it in. When the trap door shuts the mouse does not get hurt. I get to take it to a field far from my house and let it go.

I don’t need to kill it. I don’t need to touch it. I don’t need to fear it touching me.

Talk about getting what you ask for…

NOW I feel relieved and at peace with myself. Tonight the trap goes up and I will see what happens.

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