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Happiness is Noticing How Life Happens in Cycles

Life seems to flow in cycles. When you pay attention to what has been you can get a good idea of what will come. That way the Universe will not have to hit you over the head with a 2 x 4 to make you take notice!

More than twenty years ago I deepened my study of how we create our reality. At the time I was into psychology. I discovered the link between how the mind works and how energy works.

When a friend ran energy on me following a near collapse at her house, I learned that something I could not see impacted my well being – not in a day or a week but in minutes.

Wow! What was that?

I did not understand anything about Reiki, as she called it. I just knew something energetic happened. I had long known and felt energy pour out of my hand as I healed my dancing daughter’s many injuries during her teen years.

You do not have to understand something to use it. I have no idea how electricity works. I just flip the switch and the room lights up!

Thankfully the Universe gave me an awareness of the Universal Laws long before I needed to draw upon them to recover from a life-changing brain injury.

Since I knew about energy work, after the brain injury I welcomed every offer of someone teaching me and working on me. Good thing too because that is how I healed – energetically.

As I myself became an educated healer I started strictly with energy psychology and acupressure tapping along with multiple kinesiology modalities that grew form Touch for Health.

So I moved from theory to actual energy work to the detailed work of specialized kinesiology. Each step on my journey allowed me work with more and more people with deeper and deeper issues.

I recently realized my specialty limits me to working on people who can physically get to me whereas when I did energy work I could easily do that long distance.

Only now I awakened to the fact that I can do what I do with anyone anywhere on the planet. With the internet I can communicate around the globe and guide someone to take steps to eliminate many of the blocks that formerly could only be cleared in person.

I also realize I can use a surrogate, here in my healing studio, to do work for someone on the other side of the planet.

When you realize that everything and everyone is energy all the possibilities open up so you can see what you want to see.